Top 10 Horror Films to Watch During Halloween

Alexis Crebb

Staff Writer

  1. Carrie (The Original)

Carrie is about a misfit girl who’s bullied at school and at home but comes to find that she has telekinetic powers. This film is definitely one Stephen King’s best film adaptations. The remake was pretty good but you can’t really compare it to its predecessor. The amount of teen drama added with good scares and great special effects makes Carrie a great film to watch on Halloween.

  1. Friday the 13th (The Original)

Friday the 13th comes 9th on my list. Though this film doesn’t have the iconic Jason Voorhees, it certainly has become classic even without him. The plot revolves around a group of teen volunteers at Camp Crystal Lake that are being killed off by someone on a mission for revenge. Even without Jason this movie holds a place in my heart and an arrow in Kevin Bacon’s neck.

  1. Amityville Horror (The Original and the Remake)

Amityville Horror tells the true story of a man, his wife, and their three children who move into a infamous haunted house that slowly drives the residents insane with death on their agenda. The original was a fantastic creep-fest but was a bit confusing on the plot and in the sequence of events. The remake provided better scares and felt better orchestrated thanks to new-age thrills.

  1. Jaws

Jaws gave everyone a reason to be afraid of the ocean. The film centers around a small beachside town being haunted by a gigantic, man-eating shark who’s looking to spill some blood in the water. A classic for ges, this history making cinematic scares me every time I watch it. If you thought all sharks were already scary, Bruce certainly takes the cake.

  1. The Shining

Another Stephen King adaptation on the big screen. The Shining tells about a family tasked with caretaking a hotel lodge over the winter. Jack, an aspiring author, begins to slip into insanity while his son soon discovers his special foreseeing powers. At the same time, many sinister spirits haunt the family, seeking to add three more to their collection. Despite being a confusing film, The Shining has a good mix of suspense, horror, and gore wrapped in a box of insanity. Jack Nicholson was astounding as Jack Torrance and gave audiences chills, thrills, and a couple good laughs.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street (The Original and the Remake)

The plot of A Nightmare on Elm Street focuses on a group of teenage friends who are all hunted in their dreams by an insane man with a bladed glove, seeking revenge for his murder against their parents. It was hard to choose between the classic film from 1984 and the 2010 remake, so I put both. The original was very original and gave many teens a reason to not go to sleep. Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger is casting gold with a hilariously sinister attitude. The remake was equally as scary if not gorier, and Jackie Earle Haley definitely gave Freddy Krueger a more serious and sinister edge.

  1. The Thing (1982)

The Thing remake revolves around a team of scientists stuck in the Arctic with an alien monster that can disguise itself as other organisms, causing rifts between the men about who to trust. A special effects masterpiece and a gore fest of the century, The Thing is a great movie for someone with a strong stomach and an appreciation for the Hollywood Special Effects world. I have a pretty strong stomach and even I lose my appetite after watching, but I digress, it’s without a very great movie to watch for Halloween.

  1. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is a found footage film with the recordings of three amateur documentarists becoming lost in the forest on the hunt for a mysterious woman in the forest. Nothing actually jumps out and scares you in The Blair Witch Project but what really makes this movie good are the real feelings of being lost and scared in the middle of nowhere and the suspenseful spookiness makes this movie one heck of a thriller.

  1. Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist features a family living in a new neighborhood where malevolent spirits haunt their new home and seek to take the youngest daughter, Heather to the other side with them. Without a doubt one of the scariest films of all time. The graphic horror and experience can make you paranoid and a believer in the spirit realm. Ignoring the remake, this cinematic gem will always be one of my favorite all time films but there’s one film it just cannot beat.

  1. The Exorcist

Come on! You can’t have a horror movie list without The Exorcist. This film, based on true events, tells the story of a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon and must be saved by an exorcist with demons of his own. This may sound very typical to have this film on a horror movie list, but The Exorcist, in my book, is what gave the horror movie business a new light on how to scare audiences. A vulgar, fear inducing thriller, The Exorcist is none other than my favorite horror flick.


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