New Teachers Bring Experience, Vitality to Halls

Becca Scribner
Staff Writer

Northrop has gotten a lot of new teachers this year, as What’s Bruin? spoke to four of these new teachers.

Mrs. Burdette

Mrs. Burdette

Mrs. Burdette teaches US History and US Government to both juniors and seniors, respectively. She went to IPFW for college, influenced to become a teacher by teachers she had in school. Her idol is Mrs. Yoder, who teaches kindergarten.

Burdette has seen some crazy things happen throughout her years of teaching, but the one moment that sticks out the most would be of one time a student took a book to his face. That was the craziest thing she has ever witnessed.

Burdette thinks that this year will be smooth and do well, even though she will be out for six weeks for maternity leave. Mrs. Burdette says her 2nd period Government class is by far the best class, because they are motivated to work hard and learn. Mrs. Burdette’s class is located in C102.

Mr. Lorber teaches 9th grade English and has been teaching for 2 years now. He went to Michigan State, which is a

Mr. Lorber

Mr. Lorber

third ranked undergraduate college in the state. He says that his mother is his idol who inspired his teaching career.

“She would always come home with interesting stories, and whenever she would talk, all would be quiet,” Mr. Lorber said.

Lorber likes teaching because he enjoys the hours he gets to work, and enjoys the students when he has their attention. When Mr. Lorber was a student teacher, he witnessed a heated argument and had no clue what to do, so he played “We Are Family” and everything died down once the teacher came in the room again.

He has a very youthful, laid-back, and high level of energy, although his students say he is a push-over. Lorber thinks this year will be a good year and is more confident about teaching this special class of freshmen. His best class is his first period, who may be sleepy when they come in but they are ready to work. He likes their energy and seems to do great. He is located in E209.

Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin is Northrop’s new Strength Training teacher. He went to Indiana State University. He enjoys athletics most of the time. His idol would be a former teacher of his, Mrs. Lake, who is an 8th grade teacher at New Haven Jr./Sr. High. Mrs. Lake had all her students push themselves to their limits, which inspired Mr. Martin.

“I need to model for the students so they work hard also. Especially after I’ve had my coffee,” said Mr. Martin.

The students set goals in Strength Training, and are tested every 6-7 weeks. Mr. Martin hasn’t seen too many wild and crazy events, but he has seen a senior prank where the students made a stack of picnic tables that went up 20 feet in the air. “The best thing I’ve ever seen!” Mr. Martin says with excitement. Mr. Martin is in J104.

Lastly we have Mr. Stephens, who went to Purdue University, has been teaching for years as a permanent substitute teacher.

Stephens had really good teachers in high school and, believes they inspired 

Mr. Stephens

Mr. Stephens

him to become a teacher himself. Mr. Stephens is influenced by people who help others live their life and not let anything ruin their day. Stephens is very happy with his classes this year, since his students are very curious and have great attitude.

He wants his students do great things beyond high school. Mr. Stephens traveled to Mexico once, and saw an man with three goats trying to get on a bus, though the bus driver looked told the man “No, you may only have two goats on the bus. Not three.”

That was the funniest thing Mr. Stephens witnessed. He currently teaches Computer Programming, Algebra ll, and Compass. He states his seventh period class is the best because they come to class and do their work. Mr. Stephens is located in A206.



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