Hotel Transylvania Sequel Revisits Same Joke Territory

Antonio Gamez
Co-Editor in Chief

The sequel craze continues with Hotel Transylvania; one of the few films I didn’t expect a sequel out of. It was a quite decent film, and while the same can be said for the sequel, they’re only decent in the same exact ways.

Hotel Transylvania 2 takes place seven years after its 2012 predecessor, as Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) hotel is now open for humans to visit, in light of Mavis’ (Selena Gomez) and Johnny’s (Adam Samberg) wedding. When the couple have a baby named Dennis, a conflict rises over whether he is a vampire or a human, as Dracula and his crew go on an adventure to make Dennis a vampire.

Personally I found the original to be very creative and original. Any comedy can have a well-written story (or at least on that makes sense), but films like Hotel Transylvania highlight the humor aspects. The humor of the original completely mocked the seriousness horror icons had and used their key characteristics to its advantage.  

This sequel manages to do the same, especially with introducing a couple of new characters and displaying more interaction between humans and monsters. Blobby was a personal favor of mine.

A great sequel takes what made its predecessor great and evolves from it. The one fault of this sequel is how it does the opposite. The family-oriented message is more clear than the original’s, but isn’t anything new.

There also seemed to be a lack of innovation in its humor. Jokes used in the original over and over were reintroduced in this film over and over. All of the newer jokes were saved for the second half, which I will give credit to for getting laughs out of myself and everyone in the audience.

I honestly can’t dislike Hotel Transylvania 2, because it was just as enjoyable as its predecessor. However, it was only as enjoyable as the first, as I wish more risks and opportunities were taken for the sake of adding strength to the aspects that were already great.


Score: 4/5
Hotel Transylvania 2 is rated PG for for some scary images, action and rude humor.


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