Bulletin Boards Abused by Students

DSC_0054Becca Scribner
Staff Writer

Students have vandalized the bulletin boards that were created by students from the Teaching Academy. The Teaching Academy students have spent several hours creating the bulletin boards.

These bulletin boards are used as a measure of Northrop being a school of choice. It also shows students’ creativity.

They should fix what damages they caused to the board to make up for what they did,” said freshmen counselor Brad Ratliff.

The vandalism consists of things being written on the boards and tearing down some of the pictures and letters. 

The administrative team has also taken notice of the damage and will have the vandals fix the destruction and do community service to make restitution. 

“I don’t understand why anybody has the mentality, that they want to destroy someone else’s work. If we were able to find out who was vandalizing them, I would like to see them apologize to the artist,” Assistant Principal Emily Oberlin said. 

The students who work hard on these boards put a lot of thought into what they want to see on them. their inspiration comes from cultural experiences or music.

“I would like to see all the boards utilized to provide information and encouragement to all our students. Something that has or might have local successes, quotes, stories and encouragements,” said Oberlin.

Both Oberlin and Ratliff explained what they would like to see on the boards around school instead of the destruction that’s going around.

“I really like the Anti-Bullying things that teaching academy is doing. Really just positive social messages and the anti-bullying is what I would like to see on the boards,” said Ratliff.



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