Worst. Sonic. Ever.

Andrew Fisher

Staff Writer

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, for the Wii U. This game has been labeled as the worst Sonic game ever. It has sold the least amount of games out of any of the previous Sonic games, with both versions of this game (for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS) selling 620,000 units combined by May 2015. Only 6 months after the initial release in November. But do the sales actually represent if the game is bad or not?

In Sonic Boom, the player plays as Sonic and friends (Tails, Knuckles, and Amy), to collect the seven Chaos Crystals to try to stop Lyric – a new villain from the ancient civilization known as the “Ancients” that Sonic accidentally released – from destroying all organic life.

The game begins with Sonic and friends all chasing after the recurring Sonic villain, Dr. Eggman, with both sides taunting the other. Dr. Eggman leads them to where Lyric is held captive, and manages to make them go in and release them, all unknown to Sonic and Company.

The entire first level is meant to be like a tutorial, introducing a player to the basic elements that they will encounter on their quest to save the world.

Sonic Boom looks really good, which can be thanks to the fact that it was made with Cryengine 3. The colors really stand out, and the environments each feel unique.

Each of the character have been given a new look to give them a new feel. While this does work, it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Overall, both Sonic and Tails haven’t been changed too much, just adding a couple of bandages here and there. Sonic has received a bandanna, and Tails receives goggles and a pouch.

Amy received a bit more of a makeover, they changed her from the traditional dress to a new dress that goes down to her knees.

Knuckles however, got the butt end of the deal. He got a major height adjustment, and it doesn’t look good. It makes him seem bigger and clunky, and it doesn’t feel right when he runs.

The game feels most like a Sonic game during the fast running sections, where Sonic and friends use boost pads to run very quickly to get to new areas. But that is the only time that they go fast, even Sonic can maintain a normal walking speed without a boost pad, which is a tad annoying. If you aren’t running fast, the game slows down and offers some exploration to find parts. There isn’t much to explore though, you have a set path to follow. Then there are the 2-d parts, these drastically slow down the game by making you do a lot more platforming and solve more puzzles.

The combat in the game, while not traditionally Sonic, works well for what it is. It removes the typical run and spin attack of classic Sonic games, and replaces them with more of a beat ‘em up style, rewarding you rings and parts for bigger combos that factor into your rank. However, you most likely won’t get above the B-rank because of the large amount of projectiles.

Like most of the Sonic games, your rings represent your health, as you only drop some of them when you are hit. The maximum number of rings that you can carry is 100, but collecting 100 rings doesn’t reward you with new lives, though you won’t need lives because if you ever fall in combat, it just puts you back to the nearest checkpoint.

Each character has their own strengths that makes them each unique and fresh. Sonic has his tradition spin dash and homing attack, Tails can hover short distances and uses tools to help fight, Amy has a triple jump compared to everyone’s double jump and fights with her hammer, and Knuckles has his strength that helps him fight and he can climb certain walls.

Overall, Sonic Boom starts off very strong, and seems to promise a good game, but as you play, it seems to get repetitive and stale. While the introducement of different elements does help to freshen things up a little, it isn’t enough to help the game.

Score: 2/5

Sonic Boom is rated E 10+ for cartoon violence.


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