The 10 funniest teachers

Martha Magofna
Opinions Editor

10.Mr.Miller (History)

“Mr. Miller makes you learn while having fun and he’s just a funny man,” said sophomore Maranda Stump


“Mr.Norton has a great sense of humor and knows what to say to make the class a bit more entertaining,” said sophomore Xanat Lopez


“Mr. Hollenberg is awkward. He also explains things way too much which makes me laugh. I enjoy his class because he is amusing and makes everything entertaining,” said junior Alexis Lutz


“Mr. Kerwin plays us music in which he sings to. He is also funny because he constantly relates to his students stories of his past while staying on subject,”  said sophomore Kayt Koch


“Mrs. Fretz has the best sarcasm. You can have a ton of fun in her class because she makes it fun, and I really miss her,” said  senior Victoria Downton


“Mr. Shipe has funny stories and he’s a really cool laid back guy and he can get the jokes and laugh along and just has funny scenarios he talks about in his life,” said sophomore Gabby Berry


“Mr.Day relates things in history with present day things and says weird things to get us engaged,” said junior Brianna Flanery

3.Mr.Miller (Theater)

“Mr. Miller is relatable . He understands how to have a good time,” said senior Cheyenne Ferch


“Mr Wiley is disturbingly honest,” said junior Madison Wolford


“Mr.Harding tells stories that intrigue the entire class and raises crazy questions about his life and uses funny voices when he’s talking as other people and he also uses some funny faces, he also uses random hand motions that fit what he is saying,” said junior Naydean Goins





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