Big power found in small tower

Bailey Claar
Staff Writer

H-hall is where to find some of the most talented musicians and performers in the entire city. Some are in band, others are in choir.

A few of them do both, but only one is Head Field Commander as well as a four year member of show choir at Northrop. This is because Northrop only has one Jacki Walburn.

If you’ve seen Jacki around school, you probably know her eclectic style and cute pixie haircut, but knowing her personally means knowing just how insanely accomplished she is.

She is the Head Field Commander of The Big Orange Pride, as well as a second-year member of our coed show choir Charisma. And she played the title role in last year’s musical, Oliver.  

When asked which she enjoyed most, show choir or marching band, Walburn had trouble answering.  

“If I had to pick a favorite it would be musicals,” she said.

Theater teacher Mr.Miller talks highly of her skills. 

“Jacki can be very versatile. She can play comedy, drama, musical theater and do them all very well,” Mr. Miller said. 

Walburn said that being in Oliver brought her a lot closer to her friends in the production. And for the record, she wasn’t forced to cut her hair, but she knew she would have to when going into the play.

“I didn’t cry!” Walburn said of her impromptu chop for the lead in the play.

The current music department at Northrop can almost be personified as Jacki Walburn. Anything music, dancing or marching is her area of expertise.

“Jacki motivates and encourages the entire band,” says junior BOP trumpet Ali O’Neil.

O’Neil and BOP aren’t the only ones giving Jacki rave reviews. Her choir counterparts also feel the same..  

“She’s always been such a quirky, multi-talented leader,” said Noah Moreno, a Charisma sophomore.

On school spirit, Walburn stated,  “I have pride in the theater, band, and show choir.” and rightfully so.

Jacki will probably be successful in anything she decides to pursue. Not everyone can singlehandedly lead the marching band and be a critical member of the show choir, musicals and plays at Northrop, but she seems to do it all effortlessly.

For her college plans, Walburn is still figuring things out

“I really like acting,” she said. “But I also really like math.”


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