Sex Education offers information, raises questions for students

Mateo Alvarez & Coleman Mosley
Staff Writers





Mrs. Janet Richter teaches sex education at Northrop as part of the health curriculum. Photo by Johnna Hill

Mrs. Janet Richter teaches sex education at Northrop as part of the health curriculum. Photo by Johnna Hill

Sexual education is important for students to learn so that they understand all the responsibilities of engaging in sexual activity. At Northrop, sex education is taught within the state-required Health class.

Mrs. Janet Richter, a health teacher at Northrop, explained the course. According to Mrs. Richter, the class is mainly “abstinence based,” and how it limits certain topics such as discussing birth control with students.

“We tell them where they can get that information,” said Mrs. Richter.

She also said sexual education should start as early as middle school, to give students a better understanding of sexual interaction.

Mrs. Sallye Uhen said her health class covers puberty, intimacy and relationships. She explained how every kid should be able to have a class where students can have meaningful conversations with the adults educating them.

She also explained how kids should be taught that relationships need time to become strong and not to rush into anything.

Mrs. Uhen also provided a parent’s perspective that she wishes a child would feel comfortable enough to talk about any sexual questions with their parents.

Some students have become sexually active, and often the sex education does not address some of the issues faced by sexually active teens.

“It’s pretty basic, it teaches us to have sex in a safe way,” said senior Isaiah Makonnen.  

Makonnen wishes the sex education classes were more “blunt” and less afraid of parents and teachers and sex in general.  

Makonnen is not alone in his opinion of the sex education classes. There is learning that does happen during the health class and students appreciate many of the lessons.

“It’s good, it covers many things that students might want to learn” said junior Dianna Mujakic.

One of the things students want to learn is about having a good relationship. Mrs. Uhen offers advice on having a healthy relationship.

“Relationships are like mac and cheese,” she said. “They can be instant or homemade.”  



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