Top 5 Reasons You Should Run

Paige Geiger
Staff Writer

  1. It’s a stress reliever

When I’m mad or going through something, I run and get it all off my mind. I find peace, unfortunately peace doesn’t come until you have been running for about 10 minutes, then after that my mind clears and I get into a zone.  

  1. It gives you a sense of satisfaction

Most people don’t like to run, it’s other sports punishment.           

“Even though it hurts, it gives me satisfaction of doing something others can’t,” said junior Patricia Giraldo.

  1. Running helps you stay fit

I eat a lot, if I wouldn’t of started running my body probably wouldn’t look the way it does now.

“I’m really happy with my body,” said sophomore Madison Gueber.

  1. You can meet a lot of people

Ever since I started running I’ve met a lot of people from other schools. I have also met college coaches.

“I have met a lot of cool people through running. I even met my best friend through running,” said freshman Hayley Jensen

  1. You never know unless you try

I never thought I would like running until my fifth grade gym teacher made me run the mile, ever since then, I’ve loved to run.

I keep thinking about that old saying “You never know if you’ll like something unless you try it.”

So try it — even if it’s something that has never interested you before.


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