Library Receives 200 New Books

Becca Scribiner
Staff Writer

The Media Center added 200 books to their shelves this year, including several popular teen series.

One series is called Rosie Books, in which the books come from inexperienced authors from around the country. Many not much older than high school students.

The first book, Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley, is about 13-year-old Angie camping with her group, when one morning she wakes up to use the bathroom and gets lost from the trail and has no idea where she is, when suddenly a strange man comes and takes her away. The following day one she wakes up and walks into her neighborhood, only to discover three years have passed. Now 16 years old, she fails to remember what happened in the last three years – nor does she want to remember – but her parents think otherwise. She is taken to a psychologist, Dr. Grant, who seems to draw the alternate personalities, called Alters, out and talk to them while Angie is non existent. She was kidnapped of her early teenage years and she wants them back. Check it out at the Northrop Library!  

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The next book I would like to share with you is Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz. In this book you will read about a 10-year-old Jewish boy who is taken from his home and thrown into concentration camp away from his family and everything he once knew as a peaceful life. The only way for him to survive is to follow his uncle’s words of wisdom. “Be no one, with no name, no personality, and no family or friends to care about.” Would anyone be able to handle being taken away from everything that they love? If you can understand this little ones struggle and want to know more read this book and see what life was like during World War ll.

Zella Gause, a senior member of the Media Center staff agreed to speak with What’s Bruin:

What’s Bruin: Is there anything the students should know about the library?

Zella: I run a tight ship, it’s clean, neat, and organized. If it doesn’t stay that way then I will not be a happy camper.

WB: If a student wanted a new book but couldn’t find the one that he or she wanted what should you do?

Z: I will go up to them and guide them to where the new books are, and if they can not find it still and if I have looked also, i will get on the catalog and search for the book they want.

B: How would you help a student find the book he or she is looking for?

Z: First I would need to know the genre of the book they are looking for, then i would look in that section and if it’s still not there then I would go to the catalog and search for their book.

B: If a student knows the call number of the book and goes to look for it but cannot find it, what do you, as a staff member, do?

Z: I will go into the system and search for the book, and if I can find it and it’s checked out I will put the book on hold so that way the student knows that they have it waiting for them when they come into the library next.

B: A student has a reference book, and goes to check it out because it’s so cool and they have to have it, an error comes up on the screen what do you say to the student that wants the reference book?

Z: I would tell them that it is a reference book and that it must stay in the library. It can not be checked out for any reasons.


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