Colts defeat Packers in Superbowl 50


Eddy Tabakovic & Jace Gross
Staff Writers

Superbowl 50 (L) — Colts 31 Packers 27

AFC Championship — Colts 38 Steelers 31

NFC Championship — Packers 24 Seahawks 17


South Division –

  1.   Indianapolis Colts-The Colts look as Contenders to make it to the Super Bowl, but can all the additions and the experience Luck has gained get them pass New England and to the promised land? We think they will.

Impact player: Frank Gore

  1.   Houston Texans

The Texans look to have a scary defense with Brian Hoyer getting a fresh start as his career at quarterback. The Texans look to be a playoff team

Impact Player: Jadeveon Clowney

  1.   Jacksonville Jaguars-The Jags look to Blake Bortles to develop into their franchise quarterback after a strong ending to last season. The Jags look to be a decent team this year.

Impact Player: Julius Thomas

  1.   Tennessee Titans-The Titans look to develop Marcus Mariota this season and see if he truly is their franchise quarterback. The Titans do need to find upgrades on both sides of the ball however and are more than likely going to have a poor season.

Impact Player: Marcus Mariota

North Division –

  1.   Pittsburgh Steelers-The Steelers look like a new power house with the strength of their offense instead of their defense.

Impact player: Antonio Brown

  1.   Cincinnati Bengals –The Bengals look to finally grab a playoff win after five straight seasons of defeat. Can Andy Dalton finally become a premiere quarterback?

Impact player: A.J Green

  1.  Baltimore Ravens-The Ravens look to find themselves in the playoffs once again. The main question for the Ravens is their receiving core and if Flacco can stay consistent.

Impact player: Justin Forsett

  1.   Cleveland Browns-The Browns look to see how new pieces will fit on the team and how the quarterback situation will play out as the season progresses.

Impact player: Joe Haden


West Division –

  1.  Kansas City Chiefs-Yeah the Chiefs are winning this division. Shocking huh? Their defense will continue to become a force and their offense as much improved this off-season.

Impact player: Jeremy Maclin

  1.   Denver Broncos-Manning will always be Manning and he’s going to put up numbers but will it be enough? I have my doubts in his arm towards the end of the season leading into the playoffs. His receiving corps took a hit too and he doesn’t have the best backfield.

Impact player: Demaryius Thomas

  1.   San Diego Chargers-Philip Rivers just signed a contract extension so good in San Diego right? I think not. The Chargers still have a huge question mark in their running game and also in their defense

Impact player: Melvin Gordon

  1.   Oakland Raiders-The Raiders look to have a decent season, but still end up last in the West division. Derek Carr still has many questions and who is the running back in Oakland? Their defense is getting there however

Impact Player: Amari Cooper  

East Division –

  1.   New England Patriots-The Pats are free of suspension meaning Brady will be starting week 1. That really changes everything in the division and gives the Patriots the edge, but there are some defensive concerns

Impact player: Chandler Jones

  1.   Miami Dolphins-The Dolphin’s defensive line looks absolutely monstrous this season with the addition of Ndamukong Suh. The receiving core has taken a hit however.

Impact player: Ndamukong Suh

  1.   Buffalo Bills-Who will start week 1 for the Bills at quarterback? All three quarterbacks competing for the job have many questions of how they will perform. They have a great defense, but the offense has been their Achilles Heel. Buffalo just needs a decent quarterback and it looks they are going with Tyrod Taylor.

Impact player: LeSean McCoy

  1.   New York Jets-The Jets are sort of a dark horse this season. They seem to have a great defense and have a good looking O-line with a good core receive group. The only question is the quarterback position which has plagued them for sooooo long.

Impact player: Duo of Darrelle Revis & Antonio Cromartie


North Division-

  1.  Green Bay Packers-No question here, with Rodgers and company, this is a no debate that they are on top of their division. Even with the loss of Jordy Nelson, they are still my NFC favorite for this year’s Super Bowl.
    Impact Player: Randall Cobb
  2.  Detroit Lions- They’ll give the Packers a run for their money, but won’t be able to top their division. With the Stafford to Johnson connection, a decent backfield, and hopefully a stingy defense, they hope to get back into the playoffs.
    Impact Player: Calvin Johnson
  3.  Minnesota Vikings- We feel like the Vikings won’t do too bad this year with Bridgewater at quarterback. However, the spotlight is on Adrian Peterson to see how he will do coming back from a year off due to off field problems.
    Impact Player: Adrian Peterson
  4. Chicago Bears- With the inconsistency of Jay Cutler, we can’t see their offense running the best. However, I do see Matt Forte having another good season for Chicago. And looking at the defensive side of the ball, we don’t see anything good going for them.
    Impact Player: Matt Forte

South Division-

  1.  Carolina Panthers- This was really a toss-up between the Panthers and the Saints, but we went ahead and gave it to the Panthers even with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin. With Cam Newton leading this team and hopefully a good defense, I think they can pull it off.

Impact Player: Greg Olsen

  1.  New Orleans SaintsIt was hard going against the veteran Drew Brees, but we couldn’t side with them seeing how shaky their offense was last season and with the loss of Jimmy Graham, Benjamin Watson will have to step up.

Impact Player: Brandin Cooks

  1.  Atlanta FalconsIt’s sad to see a team crumble as bad as the Falcons have. One year they’re the NFC’s top team, and the next they’re nothing. Maybe this could be their year to bounce back, after all they still have a couple of the league’s top receivers.

Impact Player: Julio Jones

  1.  Tampa Bay Buccanears- We didn’t see much out of Jameis in the preseason, but hopefully he can find his rhythm. He has a decent receiving core to work with in Mike Evans & Vincent Jackson. We are also hoping Doug Martin can stay healthy and get back to his normal self.

Impact Player: Jameis Winston

East Division-

  1.  Dallas Cowboys- Even with the loss of Demarco Murray, we believe the Cowboys have what it takes to top this division. However, if this team does make it to the playoffs, we do not see them going far at all without Murray. Dez Bryant will have a tremendous year and have big number, but without the help of the running game, Tony Romo won’t be able to get it done.

Impact Player: Dez Bryant

  1.  Philadelphia Eagles- We’re curious to see how this team will do with Sam Bradford, a quarterback that has battled a series of knee injuries. However, they have an incredible backfield with Demarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, and Darren Sproles.

Impact Player: Demarco Murray

  1.  New York Giants- We really don’t know how well this team will do with a quarterback that’s been struggling like Eli has. We do believe Odell Beckham Jr. will continue to be a great receiver though.

Impact Player: Beckham

  1.  Washington Redskins- We don’t see this team doing much, although we do like the decision by Jay Gruden to start Kirk Cousins at quarterback over RGIII.

Impact Player: DeSean Jackson

West Division-

  1.  Seattle Seahawks- We still have this team topping this division and heading back to the championship game. We just don’t believe this will be the same Seahawks team as we’ve seen in the past. We did like the Jimmy Graham pickup though.

Impact Players: The Entire Legion of Boom (defensive secretary)

  1.  Arizona Cardinals- If Carson Palmer and the rest of this team can stay healthy, don’t be too surprised if they win this division. This team has a lot of potential, but they just have to stay healthy.

Impact Player: Patrick Peterson

  1.  San Francisco 49ers- If the 49ers see themselves doing anything this year, Colin Kaepernick is going to have to step it up and play better football. The team took a hit since they lost Frank Gore and Patrick Willis.

Impact Player: Colin Kaepernick

  1.  St. Louis Rams- With the addition of Nick Foles, they hope to have some type of success at quarterback. And hopefully when rookie running back Todd Gurley comes back, they can get some type of spark out of the backfield.

Impact Player: Nick Foles



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