Anti-LGBT game removed from Steam community

Sean Miller
Head Opinion Editor

Some time ago, a game was released on the Steam marketplace called “Kill The Faggot” and was up for two hours before the Steam Community took it off of the site’s library.

The Huffington Post (here) first reported it and who created the game.

“The project was created and uploaded by Randall Herman, a California video game developer and Christian shoe promoter, according to Ars Technica. He was able to get the game on Steam through the company’s “Greenlight” initiative, which allows wannabe developers to submit their own creations to gain exposure.”

Herman called the gaming community “overly sensitive and easily offended” after his game was removed.

Oh look! The gaming community now being used as a vehicle for anti-LGBT propaganda! Fan-Freakin-Tastic!
To all the crack-job zealots and bigoted trolls who think being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered is a Sin against God, there are many things in the Bible that are against God!
Now some of these other rules would be:

  1. Shaving your head or trimming your beard
  2. Sitting in a chair that a woman who has had her time of the month has sat in.
  3. Working on the Sabbath
  4. Having your wife/Girlfriend/Female friend assist you in a conflict
  5. Eating a Ham Sandwich!

Will Bible thumpers dare repent for those sins? No, I doubt it.

Thank God or whomever you worship for the Steam Community, but then there are the other communities of gaming–specifically, Microsoft’s Xbox community–who is deafeningly immature, and would most likely embrace this game (“Kill the F”) with all their violent, childish hearts.

Sony Playstation’s Community? Who knows? Their community is more mature about this subject. Thanks, Microsoft

Moral of the point here, it’s fun to make a game and have a religion. mixing both? Probably worse than the newest “Call of Duty” … then again … Is there morality in “Call of Duty”?


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