Gus Johnson Best Voice In Sports

Zach Piatt

Sports Editor

So often during sporting events fans talk about and praise the athletes. How many touchdowns did so and so score? How many home runs did so and so hit? How many points did so and so score? Fans want updates on how well players and teams are performing. They don’t get this information without announcers.

If there’s one reason to stay home and watch a game on TV instead of going to it other than to save a few bucks, it’s listening to the announcers. You don’t get to see the yellow first down line on the field when you’re at the game. You don’t get all the statistics popping up on the screen. You don’t see instant replay. Sports broadcasters give fans so much more than just watching a game, and they get little to no credit for it. I personally like seeing which announcers are presenting games to audiences. Usually if I like the announcers, I’ll enjoy watching the game. I like to critique what they say and how they say it.

So, I’ve come up with my top ten sports broadcasters to listen to. It was hard leaving great TV announcers and radio broadcasters such as Jim Nantz, Mike Tirico, Clark Kellogg, Dan Patrick, Don Fischer, and even the beloved John Madden off the list, but it’s tough to get into that exclusive top 10.

10. Dan Dakich

Dan Dakich has so much knowledge of college basketball. He’s straight forward when breaking down plays and doesn’t sugar coat anything. He really knows what he’s talking about and that’s crucial to be a top notch announcer.

9. Bob Costas

Bob Costas’s words flow so effortlessly. He may just be reading off of a teleprompter, but he’s the best at it. Costas has been announcing the Olympics rather brilliantly over the past however many years and is also very good with sit down conversations.

8. Greg Gumbel

This spot could also go to Greg’s brother and host of “Real Sports,” Bryant Gumbel, but I chose Greg. He has presented college basketball fans the field of 64 for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament for quite some time now, and it’s just nice to hear his voice.

7. Bob Uecker

Uecker is a long time broadcaster of Milwaukee Brewers games. He’s humorous and has a good personality on the air. He also played the role of funny Cleveland Indians’ broadcaster, Harry Doyle in the movie “Major League.” Uecker is just a fun person to listen to and he could make most events sound interesting.

6. Chris Berman

“Boomer” is known for his personality and catchy phrases on ESPN. He brings a whole other atmosphere to the studio and grabs the attention of the audience with ease. He does mumble a little, which is one reason why he’s “Back, back, back, back, back, back” behind the top five.

5. Stuart Scott

“Boo-Yah!” Stu had one of the most unique styles on ESPN and unfortunately passed away earlier this year after a long battle with cancer. He never showed signs of struggle in front of the camera though. Scott was one of the first to really spark an interest in African American broadcasters. Stu’s style was “as cool as the other side of the pillow.”

4. Al Michaels

I believe Al Michaels is hands down the best play by play announcer of all time. He doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion, but it’s always a good game if he’s announcing. Michaels worked alongside NFL great John Madden for a chunk of his career and was the voice heard during the “Miracle on Ice.” Al has never lost it, and it’d be tough to beat him.

3. Dick Vitale

“Dickie-V” is an interesting college basketball broadcaster. He’s always excited and seems to be amazed by the smallest things. He’s loud and always keeps the audience engaged. Vitale, now 75, has really become beloved by much of the sports world with his many nicknames for players and loving personality “Baby!”

2. Harry Caray

“Holy Cow!” Being a Cubs fan, Harry might be a tad bit higher on the list than he should, but I love him. Harry Caray was probably one of the most interesting people to hear talk. He may not have even known exactly what the topic was about, but he would relate it to something else and ramble about it forever. He once talked for several innings during a Cubs game about cracker jacks, only mentioning the game a few times. Harry was loved by almost everyone and is truly one of my favorites.

1. Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson is the most exciting sports announcer to listen to by far. It’s hard to put into words how engaged I get when he announces. He’s knowledgeable about the sports he talks about and makes it sound exciting. Anyone can know a thing or two about a topic, but few can make it sound great no matter what. Gus could make a chess match sound exciting. There’s no one catch phrase he goes to either. He sees a nice play and comes up with a saying on the fly. The atmosphere he provides and the vibe he gives off is intriguing, and that’s why Gus Johnson is the best sports announcer to listen to.




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