5 Typical Asian Stereotypes(Video)

Nontae Aung
Multimedia Editor



Stereotypes are just for mere fun, right? No harm done.

WRONG. These “images” of stereotypes can be believable in most cases, however are in fact false. . . most of the time.

Today, the subject would be about Asians, and their stereotypical worlds. Typically, the most common are:

1. Asians are ridiculously and impressively astute.

2. Asians communicate very loudly to one another.

3. Asians, in the most part, are all Chinese since they are all from Asia.

4. Asians ingest noodles everyday, like that’s so healthy.

5. Asians are very,very cheap.

Looking at the list above, it’s quite amusing for Asians of how America thinks Asians all come from the same origin, and stay so peaceful with each other. China might be a big country geographically, but there are plenty other Asian countries, just like there are European countries. Is one saying that every European person is Russian? Apparently, all Asians are Pacific islanders and have the same family tree, traditions, beliefs, and culture. There are fairly different cultures and nationalities that are in different continents in the world.

“You’re Asian. . .aren’t you suppose to know this stuff’?”

No, a brain can only do so much activity at a time, the “stuff” will not stick, especially when one doesn’t have a good memory. Deal with it.

The world is and will always be stereotypical, not just amongst Asians since diversity is global and so is racism. There are just times when one has to think before following the ideas of labeling human beings.


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