Divergent Sequel Delivers More of Everything

Rachel Haywood
Editor in Chief

I loved this movie. It’s happened too many times that the second movie in a trilogy comes out stale and boring because the real action happens in the first and third movies. That is not the case with Insurgent, however. Shailene Woodley’s performance definitely makes this film entertaining. That’s not to say that other cast members did not contribute a great deal to the movie.

I applaud the creators of this movie for so expertly creating a world that seems realistic as well as surreal.

The sequences in Tris’s simulations challenge the audience to puzzle through what is real and what is illusion. The illusions throw the audience for a few loops, adding to the overall movie magic.

Without giving too many details away, my favorite part of the whole movie is Tris’ simulation and the struggle she goes through to defeat Jeanine and the Erudites. This is further proof of an earlier point made in my first Divergent movie review that Shailene Woodley is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, and Tris Prior is a strong role model for all ages.

Alongside Woodley is Theo James as Tobias “Four” Eaton in Divergent’s sequel, Insurgent. The new film, out this past Friday, grossed $54 million, topping the box office, coming in behind the original Divergent movie.

At the end of the first movie, Tris, Four, Caleb (Ansel Elgort) and Marcus Eaton (Ray Stevenson) shut down Jeanine Matthews’ Dauntless mind control simulation and fled Erudite headquarters. In the new movie, they seek shelter with the Amity group before trying to bring down the entire “caste” system and see what lurks behind the wall.

Woodley’s acting has improved steadily since An American Girl Adventure in 2005 and maintains that approachable appealing quality I’ve grown to love and admire. James remains uber-hot and should be for several more installments of this series. I’m not sure if he has the acting ability to get beyond “hot guy” stage.

Tensions rise when Jeanine (Kate Winslett) sends her troops to find all the Divergents in the city and bring them to her. Tris, Four, and Caleb flee from Amity when the goons show up in the compound to capture them.

They soon find themselves in a community of the Factionless, a large group of people who do not fit into any faction. This is also where the audience meets Four’s mother, Evelyn (Naomi Watts), the woman who faked her death years before to hide from Four’s abusive father. Watts’ performance is minimal, but enough to give movie goers an eerie feeling about her character and true motives.

This is definitely worth the $10 ticket.





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