Spider-Man Crosses Over With Capt. America, MCU

Bradley Crager
Staff Writer

With the newest and final trailer released, fans of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe are expecting a promised cinematic climate shift in this summer’s highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron.

With a new deal reached between studios, we will see Spider-Man swinging with the rest of the Avengers in theaters next year in Captain America: Civil War. In this storyline, sides are split between Iron Man and Captain America,though there is one hero who also plays a huge part in this story: Spider-Man. Spider-Man plays both sides of the Civil War and plays a huge part to most Marvel fans.

Since the studio character rights to Spider-Man were owned by Sony Pictures, fans were under the impression that we would never see Spider-Man kick butt and wisecrack among the rest of the Avengers. Now, the time has come and a deal has been reached between worlds. Sony is allowing Spider-Man to appear in the MCU. Marvel president Kevin Feige will also get a say in handling the Spider-Man property to make him fit within the MCU.

There are downsides to this. The more recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 was not received well with critics and even fans, as Marvel has asked that Sony reboot the franchise and bring in a new, younger actor to play the roll. This cancels out the entire Amazing Spider-Man franchise, that has started so early with the next film on the way cancelled, along with the cast, elements, and Andrew Garfield (the most recent Spider-Man).

 I would have liked to see Andrew Garfield in the MCU. He was the perfect person to take on the MCU. He was passionate for the character and was even seen holding Avengers comic books walking down the streets of Los Angeles. Garfield was a favorite of mine as his Spider-Man got me into the other characters at Marvel, and even interested in reading comic books alone.

In countless interviews, Garfield has shared that he was bullied as a child and Spider-Man helped him through his early childhood and eventually the rest of his teenage years. He included a scene with a boy being picked on in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and being emotionally tied when he swooped down to save the kid from mental torture.

Several likely candidates have been rumored to be on Sony’s radar for the third Spider-Man franchise, including Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson Series; Fury), who is my personal favorite, Dylan O’Brien (MTV’s Teen Wolf), Freddie Highmore (Charlie/Chocolate Factory; Bates Motel), and even introducing an African American Spider-Man from a different comic series with Donald Glover (animated Ultimate Spider-Man Series; Community Series).

According to the article addressing the collaboration on Marvel.com, Sony has final say on all casting. I would really like to see either Lerman or O’Brien take on the roll. O’Brien has expressed that he would be up to playing the role in numerous interviews, as has Glover. Lerman has never expressed that he is interested, leading fans to more speculation. Marvel does a great job in keeping things to secrecy, though, from time to time, one of their stars slips something out that wasn’t supposed to be shared. An example would be Tom Hiddleston’s status in Age of Ultron.

 No matter who Spider-Man will be, everyone loves to come to theaters to get that feeling of swinging at superhuman heights. This deal will pull in more financial success than the abruptly ended Amazing Spider-Man series. There were some incredible moments in those two films where, in the IMAX, made it fun and enjoyable to watch. People love their superheroes and to see, arguably, the face of Marvel pop on the big screen with the rest of the gang is exciting.

 Avengers: Age of Ultron will come to theaters starting April 30th, with some screens holding 27 hour marathons to challenge a major Marvel enthusiast. The new Spider-Man reboot is set for a July 27th, 2017 release and we will see the new Spidey swing into his first appearance next May in Captain America: Civil War.



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