Speech Team Takes Second

After receiving 2nd at Sectionals the speech team poses for a silly picture.

The Speech and Debate Team shows off their second-place trophy won at Carroll High School.

Melissa Kizer

Features Editor

The speech team finished 2nd at the IHSFA Section 3 at Carroll High School! Also the speech team received more 1st places than any other team who competed.  If a competitor was in the top six of their event, they made it to state. Northrop qualified 15 members for the state competition. The individuals that qualified were:

  • Jaclynn and Jennifer Hess received first in Original Performance.  This is where you write your own piece and perform it.
  • Urvi Joshi received first in Impromptu Speaking; which is where you have 30 seconds to come up with up to a five-minute speech from the topic given.  Joshi also received first in United States Extemporaneous Speaking which is 30 minutes given to come up with up to a seven-minute speech on U.S. politics.
  • Caleb Curtis received first in Dramatic Interpretation and is 4 time Sectional Champion.
  • Janae Gerdom received first in Broadcasting.
  • Alix York received second in Original Performance.
  • Melissa Kizer received third place in Broadcasting.
  • Srikiran Dasari received third place in Impromptu Speaking.  Dasari also received 5th in International Extemporaneous Speaking.  This is the same as United States Extemporaneous Speaking but it involves international politics.
  • Courtney Louive received third place in Original Oratory.  This is when you write your own speech and perform it.
  • Alix York and Daelyn Moore received fifth in Duo Interpretation Scripted.  This is when you perform a piece with a partner and you have your script in a black book to look off of.
  • Courtney Louive and Jennifer Nguyen received fifth in Duo Interpretation Memorized.  This is the same as Scripted Duo but memorized.
  • Thi Pham received fifth place in United States Extemporaneous speaking and also received 6th place in Impromptu Speaking.
  • Jennifer Hess also received sixth place in Humorous Interpretation.  This is where you memorize and perform a humorous piece.

The State competition is March 28.  Good luck!


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