Love, Caring Must Last All Year, Not Just One Day

Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is completely pointless. Why only do good things for your sweetheart on February 14 when you could do it anyway on any day? You should be treating your boyfriend or girlfriend or your spouse with great care and sweetly every day. Not just on one holiday.

There are four holidays that exist when you are expected to treat your darling correctly. Christmas, this is also for family, so it is okay. Then there is your sweetie’s birthday. That is appropriate. There is your anniversary, which is really important to ladies. Last and very least, Valentine’s Day where you buy caramel, chocolate, and stuffed fabric with eyes for the other. These are all reasons to treat your partner right, but people should be doing that everyday.

I’m not saying to go and buy them something every day, because love isn’t just about buying people things. It’s about the little things too.

Not to mention on the chocolate and candies deal, they are high prices and it is a total rip off. If someone were to celebrate Valentine’s Day one day later, they could get the chocolate and candies and stuffed fabric with eyes all cheaper.

Now this isn’t tell you how to live your life. You can go and celebrate as much as you’d like, and go even a little overboard. But the point is, Valentine’s Day is pointless. You should be doing good things for your sweetie, honey-buns, lover, etc. anyway, not because a simple holiday full of red and pink tells you to.


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