The Beast Looks Back At All Of Us

Alexis Crebb
Staff Writer

There is a long line of history and theories on man and beast. Some have claimed that man is divine and Earth’s glorious ruler.

With such heinous claims, we are left to see any other creature we share this planet with as inferior and nothing by dumb animals. I, myself, see the world rotting in the trails left by man.

It’s because we have left nature behind and adapted to comfortable living styles and made a home of cement, brick, and glass. Now granted, this has allowed us to live without any worries that other animals have in order to make it through the day. But do you know what’s the biggest difference between man and beast?

It’s that man is the only species in the world that can intentionally be evil.

Any animal that kills and harms others only do so to survive each day in different types of situations. I don’t believe that everyone human is bad and I don’t see animals as better than us but my opinion, like everyone else’s, is valid and must be respected.

What is very true is that we are all equal in God’s eyes and he is proud of everything on Earth.


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