Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Colorfully Eye-Popping

Bradley Crager
Opinions Writer

 Every once in a while I find myself viewing a creepy tale from the weirdly creative mind of director Tim Burton. This time around, Burton seems to have created a film based on a true story called “Big Eyes,” starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. The film surrounds single mother Margaret trying to support her young daughter Jane during the 50’s era.

The problem with that was trying to make money on her own while being a woman and not being taken seriously. She apprehends the skills of unusual paintings with big, captivating eyes. Among more local artists in a city park trying to sell these deep, sensual paintings, she stumbles upon a man with a similar interest, Walter Keane, played by Waltz, who is actually selling his paintings for an expensive price.

Meanwhile, she falls deeply in love with Keane and they rush into getting married and helping her with her passion. When Keane starts pitching both Margaret and his own paintings, people start to take interest in her paintings rather than his. When the big money rolls in, Margaret over-hears Keane saying the paintings are his and Margaret starts using the name Keane to sign the paintings.

This film is very different from a usual Burton flick that inspires to take hold of your passion and do so elegantly.  Tim Burton creates a masterpiece with a predictably, but perfect ending everyone really wanted to see out of this film. Christoph Waltz proves once again he can really pull your eyes close and never look away to the darkness of the theater. Waltz really makes you believe that Keane really wants to support Amy and her daughter. Amy Adams was brilliant in her character as she progressed to taking back control of her own work.

“Big Eyes” did poorly in the box office and was not given the recognition it deserved. Burton has created a film with captivating acting, and colorful settings, with surprising twists and turns that take you along for an emotional ride. Tim Burton was never a part of my personal favorites with the dark toned stories such as “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Corpse Bride.” This time around, I enjoyed the colorful eye candy Burton drops at my feet.

Out of 5, I give this film a rating of 5. I recommend this movie as an inspiring must-see for all audiences.



You can see the trailer for “Big Eyes” below:



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