Spotlight in Debate Weakens Knees, Resolve

Alexis Crebb
Staff Writer

Today I debated in English class. My topic was juveniles being tried as adults and I was on the negative side.

I felt like I was ready and somewhat confident about my presentation, but my opponent was very forward and defensive against my cross-examination questions. People were laughing about whatever and I lost my temper on asking questions.

After I gave my points with whatever confidence I had left, I felt so much worse and lost faith in myself when I struggled during the cross examination questions against me. After my opponent talked, I gave my last points and I was done talking after he finished it off.

My legs trembled ferociously and I felt so embarrassed that I could of cried and throw up. But the Teacher told me to step down and she began to question my opponent for whatever reasons she had.

Watching that happen made me feel better on the inside and I guess it was for my defense or something. Even though she told me I was great, I felt sick to my stomach and ashamed of myself. But if I get a good grade, then it must of all been worth it.



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