Free to Play Games Satisfy Need Until Christmas

Sean Miller
Opinion editor

With Christmas just weeks ahead, wish lists are stacking up and so are gifts.
Most people can hardly wait for the yule-tide fun of a brand new game to upload or drop into the Playstation or XBox! For those who have the patience of a hungry tiger or bear, I have listed some games for those who want to play to hold off their gaming addictions until the big day. Here are my top “free” to play games.


  • Number 5: Warface

Show me your warface! This  first person shooter clone is your average, join game shoot things, reap rewards and do it all over again, Repeat!
have up to four other  players take on black wood, and their schemes and reap the experience and cash to buy bigger, better, and heavier guns! oorah!

  • Number 4: World Of Tanks

A running joke with this game is that instead of saying tanks, you want to add another word that would rhyme with tanks, i.e.: World of Tom Hanks, World of Banks or even my favorite World of Flanks!
This Over the shoulder tank on tank, game puts you in the seat of a tank crew along side other players in their tanks and fight a opposing force of tanks, to see which team comes out on top.
With tanks ranging from the American’s, English, German, Russian and even Italian tanks. Each ranging from the small runners, To hulking Goliath, and even to artillery tanks.
After completing battles (winning/losing is FAR based on your skill.) experience is given to everyone and silver coins, which you can buy items to help your tank, level up crewman, and even buy more ammunition or upgrade it.

Lastly you can level up tanks and pick new ones to reach the Tier 10 tanks to thrash others, and take more glory, and if you use micro-transactions you can buy “gold” which is used for more “Premium” purchases.

  • Number 3: Adventure Quest Worlds

A classic. Honestly.
From the creators who brought you Dragon Fable and Mech quest, another fun and hilarious game that takes place in medieval times, there you start out building a name for yourself and take on quests ranging from saving tiny field mice, to … taking on hordes of goblins.
But it goes to show, without the loot for the quests, you wont get loot afterwards. so load up on from a simple wooden spoon to Excalibur and an off-breed sniper rifle mix!
but you don’t have to just pick the original knight, Play as a knight, a rouge, a priest or even a magic caster and take the world my storm on your adventures.

  • Number 2: Defiance

A free to play on the home console … Awesome!
Based off the television show “Defiance” you start out as an ark hunter, aboard a military ship, when all of sudden BOOM!
You get shot down, and you’re ordered to find Von Bach and the ark relic he holds, but your main goal is to survive in this desolate world that was once earth.
Each character is the same, stats, and all at first until you get your EGO on, where you can either go, ninja like with the stealth, run fast and punch harder, make a decoy of your self (and admire how amazing you look from behind), or go “balls to the wall” with the aggressive run.
The game centers around your character and your actions, and not to mention you can make him/her as realistic to you (not to mention the opposite.)

And why go alone? Pick up a buddy or two, or even sixty-four other players at once!
play missions and level up your ego and your stats, and hit the looting bay so you can buy, sell, trade loot with other players, and take that loot to matchmaking. to see who can survive, and who’s mutant meat.

  • Number 1: Runescape!

You should have saw this coming everyone!
Made on January 2001, and running strong ever since, this classic dungeon and dragons java-script game takes you as a “Hero” as you take on the many perilous quest, bosses, and skills to make your name out there in the story line, and the leader-boards.
With over 20 unique skills, dozens of mini games, and over 100 quests, some access to free to play and everything else for members, you’ll spend hours exploring the wondrous world of gilenor.
And what about loot? well it’s still your typical fighting and looting game, but you can also buy the items you need. (in other cases want.) from the grand-exchange, a player based economy.
And why stop there? join millions of other players and take on co-operative or competitive, and make a spot on the world.


One Comment on “Free to Play Games Satisfy Need Until Christmas”

  1. Susan Huth-Beckley December 11, 2014 at 8:13 am #

    Very informative article…nice job

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