ECA, Finals Stress Out Students, Mar High School

Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

In the state of Indiana, there are these tests that all high school students take at the end of every school year called an End of Course Assessment (ECA). They determine whether students graduate that class or not. By the end of your senior year if students haven’t passed at least one of their ECA’s, they do not graduate at all. Students keep taking it until passing. These tests are crucial and very nerve wracking to teenagers, because it determines their lives.

Freshmen take a Biology and an Algebra ECA. Students have to pass the Algebra ECA that year, but it is not mandatory to pass the Biology, it just needs to be taken. Sophomores take the English 10 ECA and if sophomores failed the Algebra test the year before, they must re-take that one.

Juniors and Seniors don’t have ECA’s, but they will if they don’t pass the Algebra or English test. They will keep re-taking them until passing. It’s all really stressful.

These ECA tests frighten man and mean nothing to others. With finals in every class and ECA’s on top of that, the end of the year is stressful. Finals are actually twice a year. Yeah, teens get excited because school is going to end but it’s also difficult. If a student has an average grade in a class, let’s say a ‘C’ and then fails the finals, that grade moves down to around a D or an F. It depends on how many points your final is.

So students have to worry about passing all classes and making sure the final grade doesn’t affect the grade for that semester, plus making sure they pass those three ECA tests freshman and sophomore year. If students fail, then they just have even more stress junior or senior, therefore making your high school experience a bad memory.


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