4 Underrated Films That Were Surprisingly Appealing

Bradley Crager
Staff Writer

Every year brings in new films that we either love or hate, but somewhere in between, you get those films that not a lot of people were pumped for. Reasons for this can vary from poor box office results to not being a Marvel film to being another reboot that no one cared for. In response to this, I put together a list of four movies that were more appealing than what critics say.

DREDD 3D (2012)
Dredd 3D is a remake to the 1995 film Judge Dredd, with Sylvester Stallone. Judge Dredd was a British comic book series that captured the futuristic justice system. One man, Judge Dredd, who is the judge, jury and executioner, is “the law” on the scene of the crimes. In the 2012 adaption, Karl Urban plays Dredd himself alongside a new recruit who has the telepathic ability to sense emotions of anyone she sees and feels. The movie is packed with a great cast, story, and visual effects. While the film was in theaters, it only pinched $41 million, in which the budget was $45 million. I thought this film was above other reboots of films and has managed to recreate something elegantly and imaginatively. It even seems to cast light on today’s top news headlines: drug empires and the future of our nation.

RED DAWN (2012)
Red Dawn is the remake of the classic 1984 film that focused on the cold war scare with America and the Soviet Union and is based on a group of teenagers that try to fight against the Soviets from completely taking over the United States. The remake of Red Dawn stars Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck as the two character brothers from the original film, in which they recruit a group of teenagers, whom have lost family along the way, to fight back against an invasion from North Korea. This film was incredibly surprising with an incredible cast, effects, and capturing more light onto the reactions of a group of teenagers today in the same situation. The elegance of the story and cast brought a real sense of danger, triumph, hope, and tears like a film should have.

Pacific Rim (2013)
Pacific Rim is an action packed adventure that brings a Godzilla like taste into the mix. What do you think the government would do if gigantic monsters started emerging and attacking the world? They would come up with a program to defeat the monsters. The program in the film is called the ‘Jaeger’ program in which those who were brave enough would combine minds in a fair matched, gigantic suit of armor to defeat these monsters. This film was brilliantly put together and made for a great, action-packed and emotional rollercoaster ride that when stopped, leans in and whispers to you to ride over again. B-list actors bring to life a very great film that completely twists the concept of the popular cinematic term ‘aliens.’ Unfortunately, the movie did not do very well in theaters and Guillermo Del Toro, the director and writer of the film, is currently talking with the studio to produce a sequel, with caution of course.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
Despite critic reviews, I believe the third installment of the Transformers franchise was a step up from the other films, including the newly released Age of Extinction. The acting as well was a big step up from the previous films. The storyline was intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire ride, something very few films do. Shia Lebouf made a comeback from his previous roll as the whiny teenager and ‘damsel in distress’ for the autobots. This time around, lead character Sam Witwicky puts on an actual heroic standpoint and is progressively becoming more of a character. The plot of Lebouf’s character was very realistic in terms of needing a job and the government will not allow him to work with the autobots. If I could rate this movie out of 10 it would be a six, because it was a decent film but still eventually depicts the same elements of a Michael Bay film, which is EXPLOSIONS, GIRLS AND AWESOME CARS.

No matter how you toss the dice, most films can be appreciated through how they were made versus why and how well written they are. Films need to be seen through in the perspective of how a team of creative minds that can create these effects before our eyes.


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