True Love Found

Alexis Crebb
Staff Writer

Love is a funny thing. Love is found in every heart, whatever that love may be. We show love when we see something cute, when we hold the ones we love, and when we are with family and friends.

All forms of love are different but what matters most is how that love is put forth and felt.

Fairy tales and romance stories have held the idea of true love and it’s usually at first sight. Finding your significant other is a journey that can take many years to accomplish, trust me I know.

Some love is desired and some love is earned, some love is true and some love is blind. Since humankind could feel love in their hearts, it was meaningful and genuine, everyone felt it and wanted it to be honest. Love has evolved to where it can be felt but may not last.

Love now is very fickle and it’s hard to find in others besides family and close friends, but as long as it can be felt as it is in your heart. By the inspiring words of Walt Disney, “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.”


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