Learn to accept, live with others

Alexis Dailey
Staff Writer

I don’t understand why people don’t like someone for no reason. What is the point in disliking someone for no reason?

f somebody hasn’t provoked you there is no reason to not like them, especially if they do not have a problem with you. That just puts you in a bad mood when they come around. You don’t have to communicate with them — just keep your distance. I do not understand why people try to start drama, too. When someone you don’t like for no reason comes around you try to make a seen or say mean things about them.

That’s not ok, how would you feel if someone was like that toward you? There is no need to talk about someone or start an altercation with them. I think when someone has a problem with you their just jealous.

Maybe they think you look better than them, or they wish they had something you have. Or maybe they just are bullies and start drama for no reason, mostly with people they barely know.

Bullies mainly act the way they do if they don’t live in the best environment at home, like their guardians don’t care or don’t show them enough attention. If someone doesn’t like you for any reason either try talking to them or stay away from them.


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