Manning Tops Great QB List

Zach Piatt
Sports Editor

Who are the top five quarterbacks of all time? This is the question football fanatics have been asking for years. There are so many great quarterbacks who’ve played the game it’s not even fair to ask the question. I came up with the five players I think deserve to be in that elite class of the best QBs ever.

5. John Elway

Elway’s last two seasons are the main reason he’s on my list. I mean what a way to go out on top: two straight Super Bowls to end your career. He also had the privilege of playing his final four years with Terrell Davis in the backfield, who took some of the pressure off of Elway, allowing him to excel even more. After Elway retired, Davis’ performance immediately declined, showing what a presence Elway had when he played.

4. Brett Favre

Unlike John Madden (who worships Brett Favre–Boom!), I only have Brett Favre in the number four spot. Now why is the NFL’s all time leader in passing yards and completions and Super Bowl champion Brett Favre only number four? Favre may have many large accomplishments and records, but he’s also the NFL’s all time interceptions leader, which tells me he passed just a little too much.

3. Dan Marino

Marino was consistently one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and is up there with the best of them in all passing  categories. Even though he’s never won a Super Bowl, Marino deserves to be in the top five.

2. Joe Montana

Four Super Bowl appearances, four rings, three Super Bowl MVPs. How can you not be considered one of the best? Montana was one of the most clutch quarterbacks of all time with his career headlined by “The Drive.” It also helps to have the greatest receiver who ever played the game to throw to in Jerry Rice.

1. Peyton Manning

Manning is the lone active player on my list and in my opinion is the best of the best, simply because, he’s Peyton Manning. He’s thrown for over 4,000 yards in all but two seasons in his career. Manning is atop the NFL’s passing touchdowns list and is second in both yards and completions. Manning played 13 seasons in Indianapolis before having numerous neck surgeries, putting his future in question. He returned as a Denver Bronco and has been better than ever, breaking the single season record for passing yards and touchdowns extending his NFL record to five MVP awards in 2013. The thing that sets Manning apart from the rest is his preparation. After throwing his record setting 509th career touchdown pass earlier this season, Manning went right back to studying the defense on the sidelines. Oh yeah, the guy has also won a Super Bowl.





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