Top 10 Most Anticipated 2015 Films: Star Wars, Ultron Set to Arrive

Antonio Gomez
Opinions Editor

I find the cinema to be a glorious place of new ideas and interpretations (and innovations) of pre-existing ideas being presented in a wondrous fashion. Many people have said 2015 will be a huge year in film, as we will observe some of the stand-out titles that prove that statement true. These are my Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2015.

10. Furious 7

Oh boy, here we go. No you will not read anything regarding Paul Walker’s death except for this statement. Moving on, I’ll be honest, the first film in the Fast & Furious series I’ve seen was the fourth film. It was decent; Not terrible, but not amazing either. Fast Five was the shining star, however. It took something that was alright, added some extra sprinkles to it, and made it stand out. The previous film in 2013 wasn’t up to that standard, but it still shined in its own way. Hopefully this new entry has a unique approach towards its story.

Furious 7 will be released on April 3, 2015.

9. Peanuts

I appreciate the Peanuts just as much as anyone else does. It’s a simple world of gentle humor & adventure, with memorable TV specials and Comic Strips. The news of a film coming out in 2015, however, was rather surprising to me. At this point, I felt the Peanuts would simply stay within merchandise and other forms of media. Blue Sky Animation (the group behind the Ice Age series) is also behind the film, which also surprised and worried me, but I will have more faith in Blue Sky Animation once footage is released.

Peanuts will be released on November 6, 2015.

8. Minions

Liking Despicable Me and its sequel is a guilty pleasure. The two films were fun, energetic, and cleverly memorable. The Minions were a key attraction in both of those films, as it seemed ideal for a film centered around them to happen. There’s just one mind-boggling question I have with the film: How will they execute this? Don’t get me wrong, the premise is there, and I’m sure the writers have their characters established. However, the Minions have their own particular language that hasn’t ever been explained clearly other than a word here and there or a song. It will take smart ideas from the writers to get me to fully have faith in how they’re going to execute the film’s concept, but for now, the film has my attention, but my questions as well.

Minions will be released on July 10, 2015.

7. Terminator: Genisys

The Terminator franchise is one that I value very much, as each film in the series is likeable (Yes, that includes Terminator: Salvation). Terminator: Genisys, despite the weird spelling in the title (Genisys, why?), proves to be interesting with its premise and the return of Schwarzenegger, as well as the addition of former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith. I’ve been eagerly waiting for another Terminator film since 2009’s Salvation, as I believe that next year won’t be disappointing.

Terminator: Genisys will be released on July 1, 2015.

6. Ted 2

I enjoyed Ted. A lot. The film was genius in many ways of executing the concept of a man growing up with his (somehow) living teddy bear. From the comedic perspective and the realistic perspective, the film cleverly executed its concept perfectly. Ted 2 does sound very exciting, though I do hope that Seth MacFarlane didn’t lose his touch after directing A Thousand Ways to Die in the West, which I consider “meh.”

Ted 2 will be released on June 26, 2015.

5. Chappie

This one was a complete surprise for me. I knew nothing regarding the existence of this film until rather recently, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for it. Being a fan of District 9, I admire what I have seen in Chappie (just this trailer) because it’s simple, yet emotionally deep. The film seems to want to accomplish placing the idea of emotional robots into a realistic setting, which makes sense. This film will be definitely  worth checking out.

Chappie will be released on March 6, 2015.

4. Ant-Man

You know what I like? New stuff. An example is new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially new characters leading a standalone film, and Ant-Man fits the bill. Edgar Wright may have abandoned the project, but that doesn’t mean the potential is dead. In fact, the potential of taking a cheesy superhero to the big screen in a creative fashion is far from dead. If Guardians of the Galaxy can prove that audiences love what’s considered “weird” or “dumb,” then Ant-Man can do just as well.

Ant-Man will be released on July 17, 2015.

3. Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens

Another Star Wars sequel was the last thing I was expecting to happen. However, as soon as Disney bought the entire franchise, I knew that something would happen. Despite my speculation regarding whether it’ll actually be good or not, J.J. Abrams being director caught my attention. Being a fan of his work on Star Trek, I have faith that J.J. Abrams is able to properly continue the successful storyline that is the Star Wars film series.

Star Wars: Episode VII will be released on December 18, 2015.

2. Kung Fu Panda 3

Let’s go back in time to talk about the original film. Back in 2008, the original seemed like another decent animated film. However, after watching it again and again, it grew on me because it was so much more than that. It was well-done, well-directed, well-executed, and simply flawless. It’s sequel also sparked similar ideals while expanding. With all that said, I have high expectations for Kung Fu Panda 3.

Kung Fu Panda 3 will be released on 23, 2015.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron

There’s a reason Age of Ultron is on the top of my list, and it’s simply because of innovation. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been increasing in size ever since Iron Man (2008) got released, as each film is innovative. From the looks of it, not only will Age of Ultron be no different, but it will further change the story on Earth entirely. Chemistry between characters will change, and the story will eventually contribute to something deeper within the up-coming stories in Phase 3. Avengers: Age of Ultron will be the definitive film of 2015.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released on May 1, 2015.


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One Comment on “Top 10 Most Anticipated 2015 Films: Star Wars, Ultron Set to Arrive”

  1. alexiscrebb November 21, 2014 at 2:07 pm #

    Age of Ultron looks amazing and Chappie looks so sweet, it reminds of District 9 (of course made by the same people).

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