Seniors Get Ready for College, Loans, Scholarships

Rachel Haywood
Editor in Chief &

Kristen Cawvey
Staff Writer

Senior year typically has a timeline that is very helpful for students to follow. Aside from the usual “finish your high school career with a stellar academic performance,” seniors need to worry about the next step in their education. Time flies faster than anyone first imagines, and before we know it, Christmas Break has come and we’re already starting our last semester of high school.

School starts in mid-August. Some students started the school year with certain colleges already in mind. That’s great!

By September, students should be thinking about or starting the college application process. The sooner students apply, the sooner a decision can be made about admission.  For most students, writing the essay is the longest part of the whole process. Plan accordingly, and proofread often.

In October, students should have taken, retaken, or planned to take the SAT/ACT tests. Those results are generally available 3 weeks after the test date. Most schools also want those standardized test scores sent straight from the agency (College Board).

November is the time to be accepted into your college(s) of choice.  Seniors are often nervous because there isn’t much more anyone can do after the application is sent and the fee is paid. Some colleges process more applications than other schools, so acceptance into those schools may be delayed until December or January.  Now is also the time to be looking into scholarships and planning college campus visit trips, if you haven’t done so already.


scholarshipsWhile getting accepted into college is a big step in a high school senior’s life, it doesn’t stop there. How great would it be to graduate from college with little to no student loans to pay?

College is all about new experiences.  November is a waiting game.  The clock of high school is always ticking down.  Right now, seniors need to focus on completing their coursework with their best effort.  Colleges look at all credits earned, including those from your final year.





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