Chasing Dreams Never Ends

Alexis Crebb
Staff Writer

I often think about what I want my future to be like. When I was little, I always wanted to be a wife and have kids. Over time I began browsing and discovering my passions, my strongest being my love for animals.

For a while I wanted to be a veterinarian, but soon I realized that my love for animals was broader and I wanted to be something even bigger.

My career path led me to pursuing my passion, zoology, the study of animals, but I had a difficult  time choosing whether to specialize in big cats, bears or primates. During this eternal conflict, I began to see how I didn’t  just want to be a scientist, but I wanted to be an expert, an observer and a hands-on professional. I decided to become a primatologist, a scholar on apes and monkeys, I want to observe their behaviors and learn their psychological sciences.

I know this is probably boring hearing me tell you about myself, but if you search for the meaning in this story, you can better understand my reasons behind it all. Even with such a dream, I still have so far to go. I’m only a junior in high school and I haven’t even decided on which college I want to attend after graduation.

When I do graduate, I’ll be in college studying for years to achieve my goals, going into work fields, doing internships, and relentless class work day and night. Just the idea of it all gives me a headache. But I know that someday it’ll all happen, maybe not the way I want it to, but in some way it’ll all work out.

I won’t give up on my dream of getting married either, because everyone has dreams. The only thing you have to do is chase them down until they’re achieved.


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One Comment on “Chasing Dreams Never Ends”

  1. nontaeaung November 14, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

    Dreams do come true, only if you pursue them. I love the idea that you’re willing to accept the challenges on the path to become a primatologist. Although, I never knew that you loved animals as much as wanting to become a primatologist! Either way, I’m rooting for ya! This was a very inspirational story, so keep at it! WOO! Go Northrop Newspaper Staff!

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