Calm Down About Video Game Violence

Sean Miller
Opinions Editor

I am happy to say that I’m a huge supporter of anyone creating any video game with any message, no matter how violent, obscene or offensive. My theory  is: It’s a game and if you’re so dim-witted and gullible to re-enact anything inside a video game, by all means, do it, It’s not like you really need to live on this planet anyway.

That being said, get ready for the next best thing to hit the online markets, next to new generation consoles, Facebook and every-other social media site out here: Hatred!

Spoiler Alert: this game (or masterpiece) breaks the social boundaries and completely smacks down  anything it comes across.

But what is this game you might ask? It is, ahem: (according to the Wiki page) “Hatred is an upcoming shooter video game developed by Destructive Creations and scheduled for release in 2015 on Microsoft Windows. The player-character is a mass-killing villain who hates humanity and begins a ‘genocidal crusade’ to kill innocent civilians and police officers.”

Who could enjoy a game like that? Well … ME!

All my life I have seen violent, offensive games that have flown under the radar and parents pick them up and throw them inside a console and never witness the monstrosities committed within. And that’s somehow okay??

OK riddle me this America: Where have we all seen a game where you shoot and kill innocent bystanders AND police?

Oh wait, wait! I know where…Grand Theft Auto, Postal, etc. etc. etc.

And another thing: If you make e a game that two warring factions in it, I wanna play as the opposition force–the bad guys.

I get annoyed that I’m forced to play as a no name, silent, bullet sponge with a entire squad of half-witted morons with no real cojones.

Furthermore, I don’t want to play as the Americans all the time. Well, first I really disapprove this country. No I don’t hate it, I just really dislike this all of these old, fat, lazy and stupid white men ensconced office.

When “Medal of Honor” [MoH for short] came out, it depicted as what the war looked like in the Middle East, And they did a bang on job on it, too. [No really, they did!]

Here comes the bad part: During multiplayer games, you got to take control of actual Taliban forces, in which stereotypical had everything, dynamite, weapons and gear and sadly some people took that a little too far.

In the Activision game “Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2,” you infiltrated a civilian Russian  airport and gun down everything you and your squad see. Somehow that gets past the censors and it is just pretty damn sweet!

So in the end, what can I say?
America, put on your big boy pants, and get over it.


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