Don’t Run Away from Teen Pregnancy

Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

It all happens on that one night, where you go out. You party. Then the next morning, you’re waking up not knowing where you are at, not knowing what time it is, or maybe even what day it is. Some teen pregnancies happen like this. Now this isn’t one of those “Be careful” articles, even though you totally should be careful.

This is about you putting yourself in this position and then reacting terribly to it, it’s about you running away from your problems.

First of all, guys. When you go “all the way” with your girl, you need to remember a couple things. What would happen afterwards? Do you have protection? And are you really sure? Most people don’t think before they do these things. If your girlfriend gets pregnant while you both are in high school, you can run away, but you shouldn’t and you also shouldn’t have the right to run away.

We’ve all seen these shows on MTV called 16 and Pregnant, you have seen how tough it is on both of the parents. So if you left, it would be double the pressure on the women.

Yeah, it’ll be scary. It’ll be tough. And you might find yourself in financial debt. But in the end I feel like it would be totally worth it because you have this little ball of joy, who doesn’t know that you are struggling. Who doesn’t know that you are in financial debt and still loves you because all it knows is that you are its parent, and you were there for it when it needed you to love them.

It’s not all the guys fault either. Girls are at fault too. They should’ve made sure that night that it’s what they wanted. When you ladies find out that you may be pregnant; Don’t hide it. Tell the father. And if you don’t know who the father is, get DNA tests. Do not show up at a clinic, get an abortion, and then act like everything is normal afterwards.

What if your boyfriend wanted a child at 16-, 17-years old? Even if you were not ready, discuss it with them. Figure out it together. Don’t act alone.

But in the meantime, be careful and protective. Make sure you’re okay with it before going any further.



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