Mirror Maze, slides stand out at Black Forest, Haunted Castle

Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

Most of us love to get scared and get the thrill of being scared. That is why we go see scary movies, because they make us jump and scream. For example, Paranormal Activity. We love to go to that movie, not because it actually has a good plot line, but because it makes us jump, and get that scared adrenaline rush. Well, think of actually being in a scary movie, or our own frightening adventure.

The Haunted Castle is more of a fun house with a smattering of gory details. It’s right next to the Black Forest (which appears further down in this article) has three slides, a couple of coffins and tons of radical decorations. The workers were phenomenal actors or actresses. They full-on would stare at you without smiling, blinking, twitching, etc. Very creepy, but they could have been a bit more scary.

Inside the Castle, there were many lines of people. The lines went quick because of the slides. The first slide, you lay down in this coffin type thing. Once they shut the top of the coffin, you sit for about 10 seconds and then the bottom drops (no, it’s not a spoiler because pretty much everyone talks about it afterward).

It isn’t a long slide, it’s like three feet. But the bottom dropping out is what is supposed to scare you. The second slide is a long park slide in a tube. And they tell you when you can go down and you just slide down yourself. It’s the same thing with the third slide but this one has flashing strobe lights in it.

While in line for the Black Forest, there is this guy who is wearing some sort of Halloween mask that is supposed to be scary. He carries a big stick or a chainsaw with the blade off, of course. This guy would chase you or scare you with the item. Sometimes he wouldn’t have any weapon. He would just walk up to you and stare at you. Be careful, they go for the most scared people.

You go in the Forest and it’s just this pathway. There are small buildings that you go through and people are jumping out and scaring you. Not just grown people but little kids too, like Boy Scouts. They’re all dressed up and hidden. The part that really got me is the mirror maze. It’s completely dark except the strobe lights. Every confusing, difficult time you turned you saw a new face of the group you’re with. Sometimes you would see yourself in the mirror and get scared by your own reflection.

The Haunted Castle and The Black Forest aren’t as scary as people make them to be, but you will jump a little, and you will have tons of fun if you go with a group of people to help you remember the scares.


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