Expect 7 Games From Royals, Giants

Zach Piatt
Sports Editor

This year’s World Series is between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, both wild card teams. I believe this one will go deep. I predict a thrilling seven game series with some extra innings and plenty of excitement.

These are two of the most evenly matched teams I’ve seen in a while and the regular season is perfect evidence. The Royals won one more game than the Giants, and their batting average was only eight points higher. San Francisco scored 0.1 more runs per game, and had an ERA 0.01 points lower than Kansas City.  The stat lines are almost identical.

I’m torn with this decision not just because of the mind-boggling similarities, but also because I, like everyone else, am biased. My grandfather is a Giants fan and I will cheer for them whenever they’re not playing the Cubs (Yes, I know, I’m a Cubs fan). The Royals on the other hand, have been on a roll, sweeping their way into the World Series. I feel like I want to pick the Giants, but I should pick the Royals.

Just because Kansas City is 8-0 this postseason, doesn’t mean San Francisco has no shot. The Giants have upside. First of all, they have much more postseason experience, unlike the Royals who haven’t been to the playoffs since 1985. Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval  have shown they can provide a spark in the middle of the lineup. Of course, there’s always going to be that one guy who says, “They won it all in 2010 and 2012. Why not 2014?” Above all, the Giants have always just seemed to find a way to win–no matter what the circumstances.

San Francisco also has Madison Bumgarner who has been nothing short of dominant in October. He has delivered a quality start in all four of his playoff appearances this year and hasn’t given up a run in his last two games. I think Bumgarner is too powerful and he’ll give the Giants two wins.

It will definitely be interesting, especially because the Royals swept the Giants 3-0 in the regular season, and I’m sure San Fran is ready for some sweet revenge.

Kansas City has the edge in one huge category: home field. The Royals had the tougher road to the World Series and they still swept everybody. Once they won the wild card game, they beat the Angels, who had the best record in baseball. And lastly, they silenced the big bats from Baltimore.

The Royals have an interesting and effective rotation in the outfield. They start Gordon, Cain, and Aoki. If Aoki gets on base in the late innings, Jarrod Dyson pinch runs for him to get more speed both on the bases and in the field.

There are two key match ups I’m looking forward to seeing. First are the bullpens of each team. The Giants have three relievers who have yet to give up a run this postseason, including closer Santiago Casilla. The Royals rely on their starters to pitch four to six innings before going to the bullpen. Then Kansas City’s big three consisting of Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland.

Second is going to be the battle between the three and four hitters. Posey and Sandoval have been productive on this stage before and are on a postseason tear again this year, batting .302 and .326 respectively. Cain and Hosmer have put on a hitting clinic this postseason, with Cain batting .353 and Hosmaer a whopping .448.

Each team will have to scrap out some runs if they want to win this one. I have no idea who will come out on top, but I can guarantee it will be a very exciting series. Game 1 is tonight at 8:07.


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