Halloween Do’s and Dont’s

Rachel Haywood
Editor in Chief &
Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

Remember when you were in 3rd Grade and you dressed like a kitty cat and your parents thought you were adorable? Remember how amazing it felt? Remember how quickly that feeling was destroyed when some kid, who was way too old to trick or treat, took your big plastic pumpkin full of candy? Those memories might be things of the past, but don’t let mean teenagers and scary monsters ruin your night of fun. This lists of boo’s and don’ts can make your Halloween night one to cherish.


  • DO dress warmly.  Halloween night is usually pretty cold.
  • DO bring an umbrella.  You never know when it’s going to rain.
  • DO buy  enough candy to pass around.  It’s never good to upset little kids.
  • DO celebrate the holiday.  Decorate your home festively. Go all out for the enjoyment of you and your neighbors.
  • DO keep your pets away from the Trick-or-Treaters.  Loud dogs can scare little kids from coming for candy.
  • DO remember to turn your lights OFF if you don’t have candy.  Turn them ON to let kids know that they can come ring your doorbell.


images3  “BOOWARE!!”

  • DON’T go trick-or-treating alone.  It’s just plain dangerous.
  • DON’T go trick-or-treating after middle school.  Teenagers shouldn’t take all the candy from little kids.
  • DON’T dress inappropriately.  Trick-or-Treating is supposed to be family-friendly.
  • DON’T scare toddlers/little kids.  There’s a limit to what’s acceptable (no chainsaws), and it’s really not okay to give little kids nightmares.
  • DON’T eat all your candy in one night.  You’ll wake up on November 1st with a stomach ache and no candy to enjoy
  • DON’T forget to have fun on Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween is a time for family, friends, and frightening fun. If you don’t like carving pumpkins (it’s quite a bit of work to scoop, carve and display these gourds for only a week), join in the fun of Trick-or-Treating to get free candy from your neighbors! Take advantage of this unique holiday to dress up in your favorite costumes and spread the haunting cheer.



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