5 Reasons Why Vine May Out-shine Other Video Hosting Sites

Christina Cephus
News Editor

Social media is always changing to fit the needs of the fast-paced world we live in. It’s not always simple to sit down and watch a full-length video that a friend or a loved-one sent to us solely because we don’t have enough time what with busy schedules. For this reason, the new video-based website Vine has a chance at becoming popular than larger video-hosting websites for the following reasons:

1. Convenience:

This video hosting cite is app based, which means that it can always be at the tip of your fingers, provided you keep the app installed on your phone.

2. Time Conscious:

Six-second, entertaining clips. What more could anyone ask for? In comparison to other video hosting sites that allow you to post videos ranging from five to fifty minute videos, the fact these clips must be six seconds in order to be uploaded forces the creator to think outside of the box and find a way to entertain people with brevity in mind.

3. Copy-what?

If you’ve ever used Vine then you know that a large percentage of the creations uploaded there contain music. Anyone who uploads regularly to Youtube knows at least a little something about copyright due to the fact that if so much as a slip of the audio can be heard in the video, it just might be taken down or blocked in certain countries for copyright. Well, Vines don’t exactly work that way simply because it would kind of difficult to claim copyright  on an fuzzy clip of audio, which is what most Vines have. That being said, users can include any and every song they desire in their Vines without having the fear of having their work blocked from the world.

4. Easy-Access Filming and Editing:

Vine’s filming set-up is both simple and convenient requiring no more than what you already have in your possession provided you have a mobile device.

Got a phone? Check.

Got a thumb? Check.

Got a creative idea/message that can be conveyed in the matter of six seconds? Boom. Insta-Viner.

Now, is this to say that one must edit a video to upload it to a bigger video hosting website? No. However, is this to say that too many people won’t be interested in sitting there for 10-20 minutes watching a video of you ranting on why you disapprove of your school’s lunch options? Probably not. In the words of Sweet Brown; Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5. Everything is…Free?!:

That is, as long as you have a mobile device that contains an app store and is capable of downloading said apps, because money is expensive.


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