Speech, Debate Team Kicks Off New Season

Melissa Kizer
Features Editor

Speech and debate season is starting once again. Contrary to popular opinion, speech is just giving boring speeches, when actually it is the complete opposite.  Speech can involve competitive acting, speech giving, and debating.  Speech and debate can be, and usually is, fun because you get to choose what you want to do and how you do it.  There are many events that the speech team offers to do:

  • Broadcasting: Essentially you are on the radio and report events going on in the world, try to sell a product, and give your opinion on a topic.
  • Declamation: You take a speech that someone has already given and memorize it as your own.
  • Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking: You are given a topic about the United States and have thirty minutes to come up with up to a seven minute speech.
  • Dramatic Interpretation: You take a dramatic script from a movie, book, etc. and act it out.
  • Discussion: You are given a topic and you and the other competitors will discuss it and find a solution.
  • Foreign/International Extemporaneous Speaking: Same thing as domestic but it is about international news.
  • Humorous Interpretation: Same thing as dramatic interpretation but it is portrayed humorously and from a humorous script.
  • Impromptu: You draw a word, topic, quote etc. and have thirty seconds to come up with up to a five minute speech.
  • Memorized Duo: You and another person memorize a script and act it out.  you cannot look or touch each other.  It can be funny or dramatic or both.
  • Original Performance: You write your own script and act it out: it can be funny or dramatic or both.
  • Original Oratory: You write your own speech and present it.
  • Poetry: You chose a theme and research poems about that topic and tell it like a story.  Essentially it i storytelling.
  • Prose: You find a script form a book, not memorized, and you tell it like a story.
  • Scripted duo: Same thing as memorized duo but it is scripted.

This is just a sample of what speech and debate it about. The first meeting is Thursday in Room A203.  This seems scary but once you get into the motions of things, it is not that scary.

The first speech meet is November 1 at Fishers High School.



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