Destiny: A Must-Own Gamer Title

Sean Miller
Opinions Editor

“When you place the games across multiple genres, and brew them all inside a kettle of fun, you get more what you bargained for! And sometimes, that’s ok with this game!”

Hello everyone, Big Papa Miller here and today for all of you, I’m here to review Destiny released September 9. And within the week, I got my hands onto it.

That Intro!
So as soon as you load up that game, and download it into your console, you’ll be greeted by a landing space craft and three astronauts armed with rifles. They patrol the deserts of Mars — from the flats all the way to the rugged mountains — they trek.

Moments later they come across what the entire game is based on: “The Traveler,” which the legend says will recreate the Golden Age of humanity once again and multiplying the life span for humans three times.

There is the main problem. The Darkness and all the baddies that have began to destroy humanity. Which brings in the Guardians (i.e. you and friends) to protect the final colony of earth and the Tower.

The Story starts (with you!)

The First Mission begins right in the Cosmodrome, somewhere inside Russia. A small spikey block floats around scanning the rusty and abandoned car of century’s past, looking for you. Something else is looking for you as well, The Fallen who invaded Russia.

When your “Ghost” finds you, he brings you back from long dead sleep. When waking, you start making a mad dash through the Cosmodrome in search of an escape from Fallen territory. Later on in the prologue you unlock your first weapon, skills and the ship you’ll use to get across the entire game.

The Tower
The Tower probably will be one place inside the Destiny universe you’ll be spending the largest amounts of time. Here you can check your in-game mail, purchase bounties, buy equipment such as guns, armor, ships, and even Engrams that can be used to get random items or gear. While you’re here, you’ll make and find friends, clans and teams as you take on the darkness with two other players and reap the juicy loot across the galaxy.

Who are you?
Inside Destiny you can choose who you are, and what you are, whether you are a human, Awoken or the robotic Exo creations. Then pick one of the three main classes to defend the final frontier with:

Titans– Literally a slow juggernaut that will most likely be able to take more bullets, and dish out punches that’ll send enemies flying across the sky, these hulking warriors are ready for anything–Similar to a basic tank.
Hunters – These fighters are agile and fast on their feet, although vulnerable to almost everything you toss at them, their special powers enable them to run fast with knives and slash their oppositions, or switch the sub classes and even light up your foes with the solar gunslinger class.
Warlocks– These players will find themselves using a variety of “Magical” powers like hurling purple/black orbs at their enemies and blasting them to nothing.


While Destiny is a rather fun, not to mention addicting game, there are a few things wrong.
There is a bug that will make the current mission crash and send you back to the area selection menu. This has been a bane for some players while they’re about to cash in the reward from a mission…and BOOM! They have to fall back to the start and try it all again!
But that’s not all, while inside the Crucible: the PVP place where Guardians can beat and shoot each other senseless to gain new items and armor, there’s something always going to be better than you. The problem is, your character will always be tested by luck and reflexes, and that’s the last two things players should never rely on, only as a last resort.

Final Opinion
In the end, Destiny is a game that should be inside your consoles or on your PC rather than some other games. (i.e. Call of Duty Advance Warfare). Yes, there are some problems and there are some complications at this time with the game, but those should be fully normal later on in the month.

Overall, Destiny gets five very shiny Engrams, out of five. Keep it going Bungie!


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