Fans of ‘The Doctor’ Unite to Save World

Bradley Crager
Staff Writer

A time-traveling time-lord, a sonic screwdriver, a time machine, and a knack for saving the world; these are the basic entities of the long-running BBC hit show “Doctor Who.” The show follows a time-traveling time-lord, though with a reincarnation each season, which travels through time to defeat villains, change the past, and save the world.  Now, fans of the sci-fi series around Northrop can rejoice by being part of a group of people just like them: Whovians Anonymous. The club runs every Thursday after school.

Whovians Anonymous is led by junior Antonio Gamez who is also a big fan of the show. The show has been running from 1963 to today and still running on BBC.

“The main mission for Whovians Anonymous is to follow in the foot steps of The Doctor. All members have some sort of reason to value The Doctor, as we all want to do what he’s best at doing: Saving the world. Everyone is welcomed, Whovian or not! Just come and have fun!” Gamez said.

Whovians Anonymous started in the 2012-13 school year and still runs today. In the 2013-14 school year, the club made a fan film to praise the long-running, 26 seasons, 804 episodes and 13 doctors of sci-fi action. The short film, called “Doctor Who: The Fuzzles,” was set in Northrop High School and was written by Gamez and sophomore Alexandria Luther.

The film follows a group of surviving students, that survive an attack by extraterrestrial beings called Fuzzles, a made up antagonist brought to life by the group. Stars of the cast include juniors Antonio Gamez and Rileigh McCoy, with sophomores Alex Luther, Tyler Bell and Jennifer Nguyen. Original music was provided by Midtown Attraction (Bradley Crager). You can find the score and Midtown Attraction on SoundCloud with the full film on YouTube.

You can find Whovians Anonymous by visiting on Thursdays after school in room D111 (Mr. Beckley). This year, the squad is working on building a T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimensions in Space), a time machine phone booth from the show. So bring your sonic screwdrivers and meet on a Thursday nearest you!

The trailer for the fan film. Full video now on YouTube via PRIMEMAN Productions!


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