Cell Phone Policy Too Strict? Maybe


Is the cell phone policy just? Or just mean-spirited? Photo Illustration by Amelia Morgan

Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

No matter how much somebody in the school is on their phone, no one, including the administration, should be able to take that student’s possession.

Having a phone out in school is like breaking a law. It would not be surprising to see teacher or administrator run down the hall and tackled someone down the stairs just to say “No phones.”

Students have been known to get their phones taken away for texting in class. Yes, if a student is actually using it and they get caught, that is that person’s fault. They were asking for it. But, the amount of time it gets taken it unreasonable.

A student could not be actually using it (maybe it fell out of their pocket) and it is taken away for a week and then two weeks and then nine weeks and then until the end of the school year.

Can the school board please not be so strict? (Draconian?) If that student truly is NOT using it, it should NOT even be taken away in the first place. Furthermore the length of the time the phone is gone is way too long.

Students have also been known to get their phone taken away while they were not using it. iPhones have Siri, and when the home button is pressed by anything, Siri comes on and loudly yells out “How may I help you” or “Sorry I did not understand that.” Siri (that schmuck) gets a lot of us in trouble.

If the phone was in your back pocket, leaning to that side just a little bit can press that button Siri chirps up and bam, your phone is confiscated. It is unreasonable to take someone’s phone away when Siri goes off, especially when the button is pressed on accident, or if it falls out of your pocket and it is turned on. The student is technically “using it” which is so inarticulate if you think about it. That person is not using it, they were listening to the teacher.

Take that phone until the end of the day the first time it gets taken away, and then give it to the student. The second time that student gets caught, the parents should have to come to school to pick it up. The third time, keep it for two days and then give it to the parent. Fourth time, give that student a referral or something. It’s a phone for goodness sake not a bomb!


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