“The Den” Ends Bruin Nation’s Hibernation

Kristen Cawvey
Sports Writer

Northrop tailgate, or “The Den”, is the largest student section in the SAC. “The Den” is the student cheering section for football and basketball games.

It was established in 2002 and is overseen by Biology teacher and retired coach Brian Booker. “The Den” meets at 5:30 every Friday before the football game to eat and get hyped for the game.


Bruin tailgaters fill “The Den” against Bishop Luers on August 29. Tailgate started at the school in 2002. Photo by Bear Tracks Staff

This past Friday, “The Den” had a “Glow Me All Night Long” themed night where all members, as well as other students, wore bright neon clothing and glow sticks in support of a cancer fundraiser. Come out and join the tailgate in cheering on our Bruins tonight as they take on the Saints at 7 p.m.

“The Den’s” three leading seniors, Adam Day, John Schaefer, and Jon Weingartner have a rescheduled tennis match today at 5, having to head directly to the football game after the match is over. Good Luck Guys!

Tonight’s theme is “Hawaiian Day,” make sure you come and show off you Bruin Spirit.

Good Luck to all of our Bruin athletes today!



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