Bullying Affects Northrop Students

Alexis Dailey
Staff Writer

Bullying affects people around the entire world more than you think.

People can bully in many different ways. There’s physical bullying, emotional bullying, cyber bullying, and many other ways. Bullying is wrong and it needs to stop. Each year there are around 4,400 deaths from suicide, many happening because of bullying.

Most bullying happens at school. Almost 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide. One in every 10 students drop out of school because of bullies. Every day 160,000 students stay home from school because they are afraid of getting bullied. Around 30 percent of students are either bullied or the victims, according to nobullying.com.

Even students at Northrop have been intimidated or bullied.

“I have been verbally bullied. I defended myself and told them to stop,” said sophomore Alison Ruiz.


Alexis Dailey offers advice to stem bullying. Photo by Amelia Morgan.

Stopbullying.com says if a bully approaches you defend yourself. Tell them to stop in a calm clear voice. Laugh it off and show them they don’t bother you and you are not afraid of them.

Sophomore Shalana Reed advises students to avoid bullies.

“I defended myself and stayed away from them,” she said.

Tottierra Stewart, sophomore agrees with Reed. “People who are bullied should try their best to stay away from bullies.”

Location, location, location, as Mr. Simmons repeats, is essential. If bullied in a certain area, stay away from that spot. Always have a friend with you or an adult close by.

Bullies pick on people they know won’t do anything or unpopular students. If a bully doesn’t have a crowd laughing they most likely won’t bully. Let the bullies friends know what they’re doing is wrong and that they wouldn’t like it if that happened to them. Bullies usually come from an unstable home.

Things like violence and fighting go on maybe. That’s why bullies act the way they do. If you are bullied talk to someone and try to find a solution.



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