Freshmen Must Learn the (unwritten) Rules

Sean Miller
Co-Opinions Editor

Tech n9ne has taught me some valuable lessons, some lessons are moral, and other lessons are well…let’s not get into those at this time.

In the song “Holla-loo-yuh” By Tech N9ne and L.A. The Rugged Man, there is a line that Rugged Man says that reads. “Don’t @#$! With the upper class.”

That’s the message some of you lower classmen need to get to know this saying right now, real fast!
While yes, it’s painful transferring from middle to high school just like that, and yes it is tempting to target those who are higher/lower grade than you.

Think this through for a moment: “Is it worth it?”

Trust me being a senior and going through high school is probably one of the hardest yet most rewarding things there is in life, and not to mention that once you’re out you might as well flip the one finger salute and take that piece of paper and that hand shake with pride, because guess what? Thirteen years of your life put into school.

“High School isn’t what I planned it to be though Sean!” And yes we all can accept that, but in the end High School is probably four miserable years you may not even need. Just get in, do what you got to do, go to the events that you want to go to or were forced to do by your folks, Graduate, and off you go!…..

Well that WAS my philosophy in freshman year. Now my philosophy in Northrop is this: do what you go to do, and get it done, just be careful to no overdo it, or underdo it and you’ll be just fine.

High school is not for the faint-hearted or those who want to prove themselves holier than thou. It’s four years of school you’re going to go through and you’ll be out the door and on the road to college…But we are going to save that story for another day!


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