Dress Code Biased Against Females

Jacey Hancock
Staff Writer

Almost every teacher and administrator focuses on in school these days is how students dress.

A student could be sitting in class, doing everything the teacher says and then an administrator will come in and get you, just to say “Your shoulders are visible” or “That isn’t finger tip length.” It’s ridiculous to keep students from learning over such a petty thing.

Females are the main targets. Whether it’s showing too much leg, shoulder, stomach, butt, etc., it seems as if some administrators are here just to tell you to change your clothes because they are “inappropriate.”

Let’s get this straight: if it is 90 F, it’s humid and sticky and we cannot buy/get air conditioning – you expect us girls, and guys, to dress like we are in a freezer?

If the school thinks it is inappropriate to show shoulder, that’s the school’s problem because who knew a shoulder could be anywhere along the lines of “sexy” or a “turn-on.” Maybe wearing a turtle neck to cover my neck would be even more appropriate. My knees are kind of like my shoulders, should I cover those too?

Now on to shorts. If a student is showing half of their rear-end, it’s understandable to want them to change or cover up. But if they are a half inch away from finger- tip lengths, why is there a problem? It’s pointless. And some people’s arms are a lot longer than they should be.

If  a girl gets sent home or pulled out of class because her clothes aren’t appropriate for school, the school is basically saying hiding that person’s body is more important than their education. The administrators are too worried about others doing inappropriate things to the people because they are dressed like that, well guess what,  That’s the schools problem. Yell at the assaulters not the victims.

Now I am not saying boys don’t get in trouble for wearing bro-tanks or muscle shirts, because they do. They have a dress code too. But their dress code isn’t as enforced as severely as females.

Some of us students understand why the teachers do what they do, but sometimes it gets so enforced on everyone, it’s impossible to find clothes to come to school unless you want to sweat a lot, or get yelled at for wearing something not in our dress code.

Of course, there is always a solution to every problem. One way to help the situation is to start school in September so it is more cooler in the school. It won’t be as hot and people won’t wear tank tops and shorts all the time.


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One Comment on “Dress Code Biased Against Females”

  1. Susan Huth-Beckley September 4, 2014 at 4:00 pm #

    The EASIEST remedy for all of these complaints is “uniforms”….be VERY careful what you wish for.

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