Fat: A Large and Wide Discrimination

By Sean Miller
Opinions Editor

First off I’d love to say, that yes I am fat and I really don’t care about who you are or what your opinion is.
So here’s my rant topic for today; being fat…how people like me and around the world are discriminated and treated horribly in the United States.

And the word for today is…”fathaphobia.” Yeah, that’s a real word and sure you can laugh at me. I don’t mind that. What I do mind is what fathaphobia means. It translates as “being afraid of overweight people.”

What about obese people is there to be afraid of?

We are discriminated against because of our abnormal sizes and shapes in places like stores, clothing shops, schools, and even places of employment. Police, teachers, and bosses will torment those who work or study under them because of his/her larger appeal. Ironically I’ve been in the shoes of one of those people who have had their rather “large” (get it?) share of mistreatment and abuse.

Long ago, back in the times of knights, flying dragons and all that other magical crap, being large meant you were the wealthiest of the land. If those times where still upon us, I’d be a happy, healthy man, rather than who I am now.

Here is a link to an article by a woman named “Kitty Stryker” on the Huffington Post about some problems are faced by obese people:

“As a fat person you’re insulted pretty regularly. [This image with the cop] is just one example. There’s the tanning salon who refused fat people service. There’s the pedicurist who refused a fat woman service. Some restaurants are considering refusing service to fat people. Teachers shame fat kids.”

“Airlines are particularly savage, however, even as they try to cram more people onto a flight. I’ve been terrified of being singled out in front of the rest of the plane and told I have to buy another seat (something apparently they don’t do in Canada, where a doctor’s note can get you a second seat shame free.) Good luck with that note, though, considering doctors might refuse you for being fat, too.”

Now, here’s my two cents in this rant…“What do I have to say about it?” and I’ll be straight with you all, what I have to say is: If you don’t like people who have girth like myself, then butt out! People like me have been brought down for eons and eons. Personally I have been shunned from society for being overweight for almost 12 years! Double digits!

“But Sean, don’t get mad at the world because you can’t see your feet. I mean you brought it upon yourself” is what some of you would say, and yes I have heard that more times than I can count. But it seems that our society has favored the other side of the body mass index scale, those without muscle or even meat on our bones, have been said to be sexy, therefore excluding the rest of us. Us as in we who have medical, mental, and overweight problems.

While in other countries, and around America, most people find being big is sexy. (sorry ladies and gentlemen. I’m happily taken!) While America is blinded by how they look in the mirror of, being stick thin is not sexy at all.

Overall yes, being overweight is unhealthy and I understand that. Being slightly large, I can live with that, but let me say world: how dare you put me and other people down for being overweight. Not every overweight man/woman is a lazy slob. Quit judging us and how we live.

…and to the rest of the world who will still discriminate my kind…Bite me. Not too much though, otherwise you’ll gain the weight as well.


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