Ahlersmeyer exits after 45-year career, 11 as Bruin

By Bianca Humbarger 



Mrs. Ahlersmeyer crowns this year’s Prom King Salem Albyarri. Mrs. Ahlersmeyer received the most votes this year for prom queen. Madi Short was named Prom Queen.

After nearly a half century in education, Principal Barbra Ahlersmeyer is retiring from Northrop High School. Mrs. Alhersmeyer is not your average high school principal. In the past 11 years she has built up a school that’s ranked number one in the FWCS district.

” Even when I’m yelling at a kid or redirecting their behavior, they know I do it because I care,” said Mrs. Alhersmeyer.

A teacher, a counselor, director of student services, an assistant principal and a principal took 45 years in the making.  Through the hard days and nights of work, Mrs. Alhersmeyer has built up a legacy that will be hard to top.

“She is one of the best principals I’ve ever worked for, I’m grateful that I had three years to work with her,” said Mr. Beckley.

Mrs. Alhersmeyer began her journey at East Allen County Schools. Throughout the years that she was there she slowly began to climb up the scale in authority. She was a counselor, director of student services, assistant principal and principal of a middle school. Climbing the ladder of success led her to become principal of Northrop High School.

“It is truly one of the best teams, (Northrop Administration), I’ve been a part of mainly because of her leadership,” said Mr. Ratliff.

One of the biggest reasons for her retirement is family. Its time for her to take a breath, though she notes that this is the hardest decision she has had to make in her professional career, its one that had to be made. While in retirement she plans to go see her daughters and visit with her four grandchildren. She also plans to travel with her husband and do some things that are different for a change.

“She’s a really good principal and we’re gonna miss her,” said Zach Shie, senior.

Our graduation rate and dual credit classes have both increased since Mrs. Alhersmeyer has been here. She feels that the teachers aren’t teaching in one subject area, they teach the whole student. There’s been such a push to get things done especially even in state-measured sub groups (Asian, Hispanic and African-American), graduation rates has risen.

“This is not something that I do. This is a team effort between the students, staff, and the parents,” said Mrs. Alhersmeyer.

Mrs. Ahlersmeyer is not only concerned with the teachers, but also the students’ well being.

“I want kids to leave here being proud to be a Northrop Bruin, but being ready to do what they need to do. Whatever it is in the next step of their lives,” said Mrs. Alhersmeyer.

Northrop High School will be missing this great leader once the school year ends.



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One Comment on “Ahlersmeyer exits after 45-year career, 11 as Bruin”

  1. Susan Huth-Beckley May 21, 2014 at 7:13 am #

    Nice job Bianca…we will all miss Barb

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