Northrop Reacts to Kpop: 4MINUTE – ‘오늘 뭐해?’ (Watcha Doin’ Today?)

Christina Cephus & Nantae Aung

Chief Reporter & Video Editor

Starring (In order of appearance):

Taylor S.

Melissa K.

Cordell H.

Rileigh M.

Nantae A.


The Reaction:

(Original music video here)

After asking a good amount of people at Northrop whether they even knew what the Korean Pop genre was and being told “no” by all but maybe two or three of them, it was evident that this video had to be done solely to provide exposure to the music in hopes of getting differing opinions from what the music’s fandom might think.

Though the ending result wasn’t overflowing with positivity, the point is that these students were exposed to something that they’d never seen before and were able to give feedback, which could ultimately contribute to the growing quality of the music.  Various opinions, be them good or bad, keep people informed on what might be good and what might not be.



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