Top 9 Presentation Don’ts (Video)

By Christina Cephus

Chief Reporter


 Nontae, Thein Thein, & Pookie

Ahhh, presentations. Throughout our schooling experience, we’ve all  been assigned at least one of them. The minute the lesson plans, rubrics, and words “presentation at _____, on the ____” fall out of the teacher’s mouth, it’s like a rain cloud instantly forms over the class as the sounds of groans and sighs begin to come from every corner of the room.

Most of the time when we fear the thought of giving a presentation, it’s because we instantly form a story in our heads and begin to doubt our abilities to do anything. We worry about who is judging us based on how we look, what we say, what we wear, etc., as opposed to what our main focus should be: How to deliver our messages properly.

This list of 9 things that should never been done during a presentation should be beneficial not only to those who are looking to improve their stage presence when giving a presentation, but to those who are looking to improve their professionalism when speaking to a large crowd as well.

  1. Don’t Chew Gum
  2. Don’t Abuse the Word “Um”
  3. Don’t Speak too Quickly
  4. Don’t Continuously Move
  5. Don’t Stutter
  6. Don’t be Obnoxiously Confident
  7. Don’t Present to the Wall
  8. Don’t Hide Behind Your Presentation
  9. Don’t Play with Your Hair

Following this list won’t guarantee you a perfect presentation, but it sure might improve it. Unless you were born and raised on a stage, chances are speaking in front of crowds will always make you nervous. The most important thing to do is remember not to doubt yourself and over think up stories that more than likely aren’t true.




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