Caleb Curtis: Always On Stage

By Melissa Kizer and Nontae Aung

Features Editor and Video Editor

Many people know Caleb Curtis from his performances on stage or from the Speech and Debate Team. He is the lead in almost every production Northrop Theatre has put on since  he got to Northrop.  For Speech and Debate Team he does Dramatic Interpretation, which he received 6th in the State for and made it to Nationals, and he did a Duo Interpretation this year with Carolyn Spencer, sophomore.

“Live theatre performances are my favorite.  It is an exhilarating feeling being in front of an audience.  If you mess up, you do it with them,” Curtis said.

Curtis was accepted to Michigan’s prestigious Interlochen Summer Arts Camp. He is also playing Frank Abingale Sr. in Northrop’s production of the Broadway musical “Catch Me If You Can.” The musical plays April 25 and 26. Tickets available at Northrop’s box office.

People know him for his accomplishments, but don’t know him.  He gets nervous just like everybody else, sometimes terrified he said.  But he keeps performing.  He is passionate for what he does and what motivates him to pursue his dreams is his love for the arts.

“You have nothing to prove, only to show.”



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