Social Media: The other side

By Sean Miller
Opinions Editor

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the App Kik!

These are just but few of the social media/networks that teenagers and even adults use to talk to others. Topics vary from  what someone is eating to what someone is watching.

Sometimes a small white lie spreads throughout the media from a group that causes another small of group of people problems,
it could cause a small argument and later on an apology to follow, or it could rise to a full blown brawl!

But we’re going to go deeper inside that, beyond that!

Now in the future we look into the social media, we have our groups, our friends, family, and I guess you can say, your dog all on the social websites.

Not to mention the many groups or “cliques” inside the social media realm, where people become accepted and greeted by those who are just like them!

Sadly, that’s a joke, a really big jok0.

Over the time of mass media and social media has risen over the years, There have been chapters of social media bullying, in which rumors or even jokes get brought up on chat rooms and leader boards that hurt the said person when they find out and that said person is tormented, to the point of self harm and depression or even suicide, or to the point arguments and even unprovoked violence occur, what to me is the point of violence beyond controllable just by teachers and aides.

Online bullying, is what it is! And so far in our generation, It’s been accepted by society that we can torment and spread such false accusation across the web.
An example of this could be like this scenario:

Post from: John Doe

‘OMG Jane is such a hog, I mean who would want to go out with her or even someone like that?’

WE society have given the green light for Such online harassment…

but do not worry, our actions have consequences…OMG like LOL


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